Saturday, May 16, 2009

Roman Catholic pro-lifers glorify Roman goddess "Mary" in protest against pro-abort Obama at Notre Dame

Pray Rosary to "Mary", sing Ave Maria to "Mary", and carry signs reading:

"DEFEND HER HONOR" with a picture of "Our Lady of Guadalupe" [Mexican version of "Mary"], and "RISE AND STRIKE for the unborn"


Protesters Arrested at Notre Dame
Friday, May 15, 2009

On Friday, ...some of the protesters carried signs that read: "Defend her honor, rise and strike for the unborn."


Catholic priest arrested Friday, May 15 singing Ave Maria in protest against Obama at Notre Dame

Pass The Salt - Priest Arrested at Notre Dame (Full Version)
Video (8:16)

Ave Maria (Latin for Hail, Mary)


The Observer (Notre Dame)

Protesters line entrance to campus

Students hold signs, wear shirts denouncing protest methods
Issue date: 5/15/09 Section: News

[excerpt, emphasis added]

Protests against the University's invitation to President Barack Obama to speak at the graduation ceremony Sunday are mounting as Commencement is now only a day away.

About 50 people lined the entrance to campus at Notre Dame Ave. and Angela Blvd. Saturday with posters showing graphic images to protest Obama's abortion policy and University President Fr. John Jenkins' invitation to the president.

Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) arrested 10 protesters for trespassing on campus Saturday afternoon at the entrance to campus, according to a South Bend Tribune report.

About 18 people, including politician Alan Keyes, were arrested Friday for trespassing after they entered campus to pray the Rosary, the report said.


A graduate student walks past protesters as she leaves the campus gates Saturday (May 16, 2009)
IAN GAVLICK/The Observer

Read and download the entire report here.

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