Sunday, July 12, 2009

Video - Obama Senior Officials Kissing the Pope's Ring at the Vatican:

Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser and WH Press Secretary both pay obeisance during papal audience

Deputy National Security adviser Denis McDonough and WH Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

both kissed Pope Benedict XVI's ring as Obama stood at Pope's right side during presidential visit

Embedded Video (1:21): Obama Meets Pope at the Vatican

Obama and Benedict

POTUS, FLOTUS meet the pontiff

President Obama meets Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican Friday afternoon.

According to the pool, Obama met with the Pope one-on-one before being joined by Michelle Obama, the first daughters and White House staff.

Robert Gibbs and Denis McDonough kissed the Pope's ring, and Obama introduced his national security aide: "This is Denis McDonough. His brother is a priest."

Watch more from Obama's visit to the Vatican.

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