Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Iran's Ahmadinejad: Nazi Holocaust used as a pretext for Israel's formation

USA Today:

"Ahmadinejad has repeatedly raised questions about the Holocaust. He has said it has been used as a pretext for Israel's formation, and that Israel and Jewish groups are actively muzzling any attempt to link shame over the Nazi atrocities with the what many in the Muslim Middle East believe is the West's bias for the Jewish state at their expense."

Ahmadinejad is half right. He's wrong about the Holocaust. There was a Vatican-backed Nazi Holocaust of Jews. However Ahmadinejad is right that it was used as a pretext for the formation of the modern, Illuminati, Masonic Zionist State of Israel. World sympathy for the Jewish Victims of the Nazi-Vatican persecution of Jews led to the fulfillment of the mandate expressed in the 1917 Balfour Declaration, i.e., the formation of the modern State of Israel, with its occultic, mystic, masonic six-pointed so-called "Star of David" [sic] as the national Illuminist, Masonic flag (see picture of this masonic symbol inside The Supreme Council, 33rd Degree, Masonic Headquarters for the Southern Jurisdiction, Washington, DC, at end of this report).

Star of David
Definition: “a six-pointed star formed of two, often interlaced, equilateral triangles: a symbol of Judaism and now of the State of Israel: as a mystic symbol in the Middle Ages, called Solomon's Seal”

The goal for Rome is the same as it has been for the centuries since the Crusades began in the late 11th Century A.D. - to re-take Jerusalem.

The Vatican covets occupation and relocation to the Temple Mount for the Anti-Christ Papacy. The 'Chaos" of the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict is to provide the cover for the establishment of Rome's "New Order" in Jerusalem. “Ordo Ab Chao” - "Order Out of Chaos" - the Masonic motto of the NWO.

Steve Lefemine
September 22, 2009 / Revised September 29, 2009

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