Sunday, September 13, 2009

Million Man Tea Party March and Rally - Washington, D.C. - September 12, 2009

Marching from Freedom Plaza at Pennsylvania Ave. and 13th St. NW (three blocks east of White House), one mile up Pennsylvania Avenue, to the West Front of the United States Capitol for Rally

09.12.09 March on Washington
The Tea Party Movement Goes to Capitol Hill


A million march to US Capitol to protest against 'Obama the socialist'
Last updated at 2:06 AM on 14th September 2009
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As many as one million people flooded into Washington for a massive rally organised by conservatives claiming that President Obama is driving America towards socialism.

The size of the crowd - by far the biggest protest since the president took office in January - shocked the White House.

Demonstrators massed outside Capitol Hill after marching down Pennsylvania Avenue waving placards and chanting 'Enough, enough'.

Tens of thousands of people converged on Capitol Hill on Saturday to protest against government spending

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