Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebrate Reformation Month:

"A Mighty Work of God" - Though an Imperfect and Incomplete Work
"Reformation" of Rome, or "Separation" from Rome ?

The October 21 announcement published below generated some comments of reproof. The subject of the Reformation and the prominent individuals of that period, is more than can be fully addressed here, and well beyond my present ability. The criticisms received led to more study, using both on-line and printed sources. The Reformation was transformational in Western Civilization, and therefore in world history. Without the Reformation, we might well still be living more directly under the tyranny of Rome in both theological as well as in civil government matters. The ongoing Jesuit-led Counter-Reformation and New World Order of our day are purposed to take us back to Romish tyranny, this time on a global scale. The Vatican's Ecumenical Movement is one key stratagem of this anti-Christ agenda, which has drawn in many Christians, particularly through the concept of becoming "co-belligerents" in the American Culture Wars (e.g., the "Manhattan Declaration" ecumenical abomination). This is un-Biblical and disobedient to God's commandments (e.g., 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, KJB).  A fundamental principle of warfare is: KNOW YOUR ENEMY. However, in the U.S., American evangelicals must first IDENTIFY their historic, centuries-long, enemy - the false "church" of ROME.

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