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VP Cheney witnesses Auschwitz death camp 6 days after being confronted with pictures of victims of American death camps in Washington, D.C.

January 27, 2005 was the 60th Anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp in southern Poland by the Russians. VP Dick Cheney was there representing the United States less than one week after he was confronted with the mutilated faces and bodies of the victims of the American death camps in Washington, D.C. by Missionaries to the Preborn, on Friday, January 21st, the day after the Bush inauguration. Approximately 1.5 million lives were exterminated in Auschwitz over the years of its operation. During the four years of the Bush-Cheney administration, over 4 million lives have been exterminated in the almost 750 American death camps ( which commit genocide by surgical abortion.

While President Bush spoke by telephone to the tens of thousands gathered for the annual March for Life on Monday, January 24th, he offered no tangible, concrete plan to end the American Abortion Holocaust, which he and the U.S. Congress have the power and authority to do, within one month's time, by invoking the U.S. Constitution's provision in Article III., Section 2., to limit the appellate jurisdiction of the U.S. supreme Court, and pass the Right to Life Act (such as HR 579 in the 108th Congress) by a simple majority vote. The 32-year American Abortion Holocaust could be over in one month's time if the Republican President, and the Republican-majority U.S. Congress, had the vision, will, and integrity to act on the national Republican Party platform plank on the sanctity of human life.

Vice President Cheney had these words to say in Poland on Thursday about the Nazi death camps:

“The story of the camps reminds us that evil is real and must be called by its name and confronted,” Vice President Cheney said in Krakow before traveling to the camp for the ceremony. [When are you going to confront the evil of child-murder in your own country Mr. Vice President ?]

Pray that God would reveal to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney that they have a duty to confront the evil of abortion in America, which kills 3,000 plus unborn Americans daily, by surgical abortion alone, and likely multiple times that number by chemical abortion.

While the Nazis murdered 6 million Jews in their death camps, Americans have murdered 45 million human beings (by surgical abortion alone) in ours.

Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
dir., Columbia Christians for Life
Columbia, SC
January 28, 2005

(See report from Missionaries to the Preborn on showing bloody pictures of aborted children to President George W. Bush, VP Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara, at the end of the Auschwitz article below. See also link to pictures on the Missionaries to the Preborn website.)

60 years later, horror of Auschwitz recalled

World leaders, survivors mark death camp's liberation amid fears of resurgent anti-Semitism

From wire reports, page 7A

OSWIECIM, Poland ­ Dusted by falling snow and surrounded by barbed wire, world leaders mourned the victims of the Holocaust on Thursday, the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the biggest Nazi death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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Page 7A

60 years later, horror of Auschwitz recalled

World leaders, survivors mark death camp's liberation amid fears of resurgent anti-Semitism

From wire reports

OSWIECIM, Poland ­ Dusted by falling snow and surrounded by barbed wire, world leaders mourned the victims of the Holocaust on Thursday, the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the biggest Nazi death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Survivors and more than 30 leaders lit candles in the ruins of the camp, which claimed a fifth of the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust. Up to 1.5 million people died in the gas chambers here, set up in occupied Poland. Gypsies, Poles and Russians also were killed here in the town now known as Oswiecim.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, among the world leaders at the ceremonies on Thursday, recalled his father's ordeal in the death camp he described as a “sacred place” for him and his family.

“My father was a wounded soldier and he was in Auschwitz. He had a tattoo 11367 on his chest,” Yushchenko, who was inaugurated on Sunday, said at a forum in Krakow before the ceremonies.

Andriy Yushchenko, like all of Auschwitz's forced labor prisoners, was identified by his tattooed number while in the camp. The elder Yushchenko was there from February to July 1944, before being transferred to other camps. He was among 14,000 Soviet prisoners of war held at Auschwitz.

The camp was liberated on Jan. 27, 1945, by the advancing Soviet army; stunned soldiers released the 7,000 emaciated prisoners left behind as the Germans withdrew. “I want to say to all people around the world, this should not happen again,” said Anatoly Shapiro, the commander of the troops who first entered Auschwitz.

Vows of “never again” came against a background of resurging anti-Semitism in Europe as well as mass killings in Africa and the Balkans in recent years.

Jewish leaders urged Europeans not to erase the history of Auschwitz from their conscience. “We fear anti-Semitism. We fear Holocaust denial. We fear a distortedapproach by the youth of Europe,” Israeli President Moshe Katsav said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was ashamed of acts of anti-Semitism in Russia today and vowed action to eradicate it. “We must unequivocally and unanimously tell present and future generations: No one has the right to be indifferent to anti-Semitism, nationalism, racial and religious intolerance,” Putin said.

In the commemoration ceremonies, candles burned along the snow-covered tracks used during the war to take Jews and others in cattle trains to the camp. A whistle, the sound of a stopping train and a door being flung open were played in Birkenau, the camp's main extermination center, to symbolize the arrival of the victims.

“The story of the camps reminds us that evil is real and must be called by its name and confronted,” Vice President Cheney said in Krakow before traveling to the camp for the ceremony.

The anniversary was marked elsewhere on Thursday.

•Members of the European Parliament stood in a minute of silence to pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Parliament President Josep Borrell said it was important never to forget what happened.

•Auschwitz survivor Arno Lustiger brought the German parliament to its feet with a vivid speech describing his trip through “hell” and his emotional rescue in the waning weeks of World War II.

Lustiger passed through seven death camps. He was one of 4,000 prisoners sent on a death march from Auschwitz in January 1945. After being discovered half-dead by American troops, he celebrated the end of the war and his 21st birthday on May 8, 1945. “This double-celebration, I will never forget it,” Lustiger said in an address that received an extended ovation from German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, government ministers and members of the Bundestag.

•The son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi criticized Arabs who denied the extermination of Jews happened. “It is incorrect to deny the Holocaust because I think the Holocaust is a fact,” Seif al-Islam Gadhafi said at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. “Really it was a tragedy of modern history. If some Arabs are denying this, I think it is incorrect.”

In Switzerland, a court ruled that computer giant IBM will have to face a trial in Geneva over a lawsuit by Gypsies claiming the company's punch-card machines helped the Nazis commit mass murder more efficiently, the plaintiffs' attorney said Thursday. Details of the Dec. 29 ruling were only made public Thursday. IBM has consistently denied it was in any way responsible for the way its machines were used in the Holocaust.

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Missionaries to the Preborn show bloody pictures to President Bush:

Dear Friends of the Preborn,

On Friday, January 21st, 2005, the day after the Inauguration, God providentially gave us the opportunity to show President Bush, Vice -president Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and former president George Bush Sr. & his wife Barbara (the President's parents) the bloody photographs of the murdered preborn! (see photo below) Here's how it happened:

We arrived at the intersection of Massachusetts's Ave. & 34th St. in what is known as Embassy Row. The embassies of all the foreign countries are located in this stretch. The Naval Observatory and the Vice-president's house are also located there. When our bus pulled up with our 45 people on board, we jumped off and began to unload our photographs. Immediately police arrived and threatened our driver to move on. We only were able to get about 10 signs off before he left with the cargo hatches still open. He went about two blocks away where he was again surrounded by police and ordered to leave, but before doing so, we were able to remove another 30 photographs from the bus.

I was questioned by four different levels of law enforcement and Secret Service, and learned from them that an entourage was coming out shortly. We immediately sent everyone down the road with the photographs, spreading out down the street nearly half-a-mile. Law enforcement officials were pretty high strung and wanted to know who we were, who we were targeting, and how we knew to be there at that time. I explained that this had been planned weeks in advance and that we were targeting anyone who happened to be driving by.

As we stood there, helicopters flew overhead, the name 'Missionaries to the Preborn' was being talked about on every walkie-talkie in earshot, and we were declared by law enforcement to "appear to be peaceful." Moments later out came the entourage, and it was none other than the President himself! Then came the Vice -president minutes later, then George Sr. & Barbara Bush, and finally Condaleeza Rice! We were the only ones on this quiet tree-lined street as traffic had been closed down. All of them drove by with nothing to see but us and our photographs for nearly half a mile! The main photo we had over and over again was "God Bless America?" with a large picture of a baby slaughtered by abortion.

Not only this, but the truth truck we had running with us for the three days we were in Washington, DC was the first vehicle stopped by police coming from the other direction before the entourage came out. Therefore when the entourage came out, the very first thing they saw was a billboard-size photograph of a baby killed by abortion with the word real large - "Abortion" and a large Scripture verse at the top which said - "The Lord hates...hands that shed innocent blood." Of all the vehicles for the police to stop first, they stopped our truth truck as hundreds of vehicles were backed up behind it! The men in the truck saw Bush look directly at it as he drove by.

Never could we have orchestrated such events. The Lord obviously wanted these powerful people to see the pictures. He must have a purpose for bringing about what happened. We were humbled to be used in the process and prayed earnestly afterwards that the Lord would use it for whatever purpose He had for bringing it about. We asked the Lord to put an intent in Bush's heart to take action on behalf of the preborn and use his position of power in a righteous manner. Please join us in prayer to this end also.

On Thursday, the day of the Inaugural, the security around the President was immense and access to him prevented. Yet the very next day, the Lord lays him in our lap and gives us a personal audience with him on behalf of the preborn. We still stand amazed.

I will send a report out soon detailing some of the rest of our trip out to DC.

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!

Separated unto the Gospel,

Pastor Matt Trewhella

Missionaries to the Preborn Milwaukee WI


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