Saturday, April 16, 2005

President Bush visit to Columbia Monday, April 18 will defile South Carolina State House with Address to Joint Session of General Assembly

CONGRESS (US House District 2)


“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverb 14:34



ATTENTION ASSIGNMENT EDITOR: For further information., contact: (803) 765-0916
Steve Lefemine for US2 Congress

President Bush visit to Columbia Monday, April 18 will defile South Carolina State House with Address to Joint Session of General Assembly

George W. Bush is an "Oath-Breaker" and "Covenant-Breaker"

Will the People's House be placed “Off Limits” to only special, by-invitation-only, "vetted" screened, sanitized, “friendly” guests during Monday’s Joint Session of the Elected Representatives of ALL South Carolina’s people ?……. Will the public be excluded from the People’s House ?

Even though the SC House and the SC Senate will be assembled in Joint Session, and the First Amendment protects the unalienable right to redress grievances with the Government; and even though the First Floor and Second Floor Lobbies of the SC State House, the People's House, are traditional free speech and assembly areas, typically filled with lobbyists, members of the visiting public, and school children on any of the days when the SC General Assembly is in session ? We already know that the public's gallery overlooking the SC House chamber will be off-limits except to the chosen few and the media. It won’t be first-come first serve. Guests will be hand-picked.

While American soldiers allegedly die (over 1,550 dead so far) for freedom in Iraq (what a Big Lie !) the reality is that when George W. Bush comes to town, FREEDOM DISAPPEARS IN AMERICA ! On a previous visit to Columbia by President Bush, liberal (pro-abortion, pro-sodomite) Anti-War protester Brett Bursey was unjustly arrested for simply holding a small sign saying "No more war for oil" along a public road out at the airport, where other people were walking as well. Bursey was prosecuted and convicted in federal court. This is an outrage. It is tyranny. Wake up America. Wake up Church.

Especially, wake up Christians, and stop supporting this oath-breaking, covenant-breaking President, who praises Islam, who says Muslims and Christians worship the same God / god, who funds selected abortions in the federal budget, who funds America’s largest chain of abortion centers, Planned Parenthood (Murder, Inc.), with over $100 MILLION dollars annually through Title X and Medicaid alone, who supports sodomite civil unions, who refuses to defend America's borders from illegal immigration, who has sent now over 1,550 American sons and daughters to their deaths fighting an undeclared, and therefore unconstitutional, and therefore illegal WAR in IRAQ, which was also unnecessary, in light of the facts that there were NO WMD'S and NO September 11th connection to SADAM, despite the repeated lies of Bush, Cheney, et al. The war was unjustified.

WAKE UP PEOPLE !!! TO MY FELLOW CHRISTIANS, I SAY, R–E–P–E–N–T OF YOUR IDOLATROUS ADORATION AND SUPPORT OF THIS TYRANT GEORGE W. BUSH, who is, to this day, an unrepentant member of the Luciferian, occultic, Skull and Bones Club masonic secret society. BUSH SHOULD BE IMPEACHED, AT LEAST, IF NOT ARRESTED, IMPRISONED AND TRIED FOR TREASON; but certainly not praised and defended !!! Repent, Church ! PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH – Stop Turning America Over to the New World Order !!!

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