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MEDICAID Abortions, Planned Parenthood, and Chemical Abortions All Funded By:

Incumbent SC Republican Congressman Bob Inglis (SC 4th Distr.), and

Incumbent SC Republican Congressman Joe Wilson (SC 2nd Distr.)

The Medicaid program (Title XIX) is controlled by the federal (national) government, but consists of federal and state co-mingled funds. Every year the huge, unconstitutional, Health and Human Services monstrous, pork-laden Appropriations bill requires the individual states to fund selected Medicaid abortions in the cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother, under threat of losing huge (unconstitutional) Medicaid appropriations to hospitals and nursing homes if the states do not agree to co-mingle state funds with federal funds in the murder of pre-born infants. Here in South Carolina, years of trying to stop Medicaid abortion funding, which also involves South Carolina state taxpayer funds, has failed because of the requirement in the federal HHS Appropriations bill to fund the killing of these babies with Medicaid money. The solution is quite simple, involving the removal of one sentence in the HHS Appropriations bill.

For example, the current HHS Appropriations bill now under consideration in Congress (HR 5647 for FY 2007), which will likely be voted on by the US House and US Senate after the November 7, 2006 Election, can be viewed on-line at, and the pertinent mandatory abortion-funding language is found in TITLE V--GENERAL PROVISIONS , located at the very end of this huge, multi-agency (Labor, HHS, Education, and others) (largely, if not completely, unconstitutional) Appropriations bill, in Section 507. and Section 508.

SEC. 507. (a) None of the funds appropriated in this Act, and none of the funds in any trust fund to which funds are appropriated in this Act, shall be expended for any abortion. [continues with sub-paragraphs (b)and (c)]

SEC. 508. (a) The limitations established in the preceding section shall not apply to an abortion--

(1) if the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest; or

(2) in the case where a woman suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself, that would, as certified by a physician, place the woman in danger of death unless an abortion is performed.

To end the government mandate of Medicaid funded baby-murder, any Congressman could introduce an amendment to HR 5647 to simply DELETE SEC. 508.(a) - one sentence !

However, looking back to last year, both Incumbent SC Republican Congressman Bob Inglis, and Incumbent SC Republican Congressman Joe Wilson voted for HR 3010, the FY 2006 HHS Appropriations bill, on December 14, 2005 (which later was approved by the US Senate on 12/21/2005 by unanimous consent, and then signed into law by President George W. Bush on 12/30/2005, becoming PL No. 109-149). It required the funding of Medicaid surgical abortions committed against innocent babies conceived in cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother. The Republican-majority US House, together with the Republican-majority US Senate, together with the Republican US President, are funding the murder of children through Medicaid !

Again, you can see this language for yourself by going to , keying in HR 3010, choosing the Enrolled version of the bill passed by both the House and the Senate (H.R.3010.ENR), and then going all the way to the end of the bill - TITLE V--GENERAL PROVISIONS. Then go to SEC. 508.(a), and you will see the bill language requiring the funding of abortions in the cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother.

It is a violation of a Congressman's oath of office to vote for this unconstitutional and immoral spending bill.


Here is the number of Medicaid surgical abortions funded in just South Carolina, over a seven year period (FY 1997-1998 to FY 2003-2004):

Number of surgical abortions committed using the state/federal Medicaid program (Title XIX), using S.C. taxpayer dollars:

FY 2003-2004 - Medicaid (Title XIX) was used to fund 13 abortions
FY 2002-2003 - Medicaid (Title XIX) was used to fund 13 abortions
FY 2001-2002 - Medicaid (Title XIX) was used to fund 18 abortions
FY 2000-2001 - Medicaid (Title XIX) was used to fund 18 abortions
FY 1999-2000 - Medicaid (Title XIX) was used to fund 14 abortions
FY 1998-1999 - Medicaid (Title XIX) was used to fund 9 abortions
FY 1997-1998 - Medicaid (Title XIX) was used to fund 7 abortions

Total children murdered with SC Medicaid (taxpayer) funds, FY 1997-1998 to FY 2003-2004:

92 babies.

Murdered with Medicaid funds, just like the Medicaid funds for selected surgical abortions approved by Incumbent SC Republican Congressman Bob Inglis (SC 4th Distr.), and Incumbent SC Republican Congressman Joe Wilson (SC 2nd Distr.) in HR 3010 for FY 2006.

The years presented in the table above, tabulated for FY 1997-1998 to FY 2003-2004 do not apply to the recent tenure in Congress of Bob Inglis since Jan. 2005 (his record on such votes during his earlier 1993 - 1998 tenure in Congress has not been researched as of this writing), and include not only the years of Joe Wilson's tenure in Congress which began in December 2001, but also several preceding years. This table does show however the cumulative effect of Medicaid surgical abortion funding in just one state (i.e., SC), the type of funding both Bob Inglis and Joe Wilson have approved for example in HR 3010, for a national program. Therefore, the effect of Inglis and Wilson voting for selected surgical abortion funding through Medicaid, is to authorize the murder of preborn children with Medicaid funding in all 50 states, not just in South Carolina.

There remains therefore, the stain of innocent blood upon each man's hands (Proverbs 6:16, 17) for any vote they have cast, whether included in the table presented or not, that funded Medicaid abortions, such as the vote both Bob Inglis and Joe Wilson cast in support of passage of HR 3010, the HHS Appropriations bill for FY 2006, when they voted to do so on December 14, 2005. Their votes in favor of passage of HR 3010, with its included Title X (and therefore Planned Parenthood) funding, and selected surgical abortion funding (through Medicaid) can be documented by going to HR 3010 on . Both Title X and Medicaid also fund chemical abortions through abortifacient (abortion-causing) birth control, including Depo-Provera and "The Pill," which function both as contraceptives and as abortifacients.

Note: President Bush and the Republican-majority Congress annually approve HHS Appropriations legislation that provides OVER $100 MILLION of taxpayer money to fund organizations that promote or commit abortions in the United States through just the Title X and Medicaid programs alone in the HHS Appropriations bill !!! - i.e., PLANNED PARENTHHOOD FEDERATION OF AMERICA - which commits OVER 250,000 child-murders-by-surgical-abortion annually in America.

Planned Parenthood reports record 255,000-plus abortions last year (2004-2005)

"...Planned Parenthood received $272.7 million in state and federal funding..."

See these articles on for additional details: (Bush's abortion funding) (Title X Funding History - FY 1971 - 2004) (Medicaid abortions) (Planned Parenthood funding)

See these United States federal government websites for additional Title X documentation:
(Title X Funding History, FY 1971 - 2006)
Note record levels of Title X population control program during all of Bush administration years.
(Title X grantees, including Planned Parenthood)
(Title X is a major funding source for Planned Parenthood - providing well over $50 million to PP annually)

Note: Title X is the so-called "birth control"/"family planning", de facto federal government population control program that gives abortion-causing birth control to unmarried adolescents, even if the adolescent's own parents are opposed to the government giving drugs and devices to their children to facilitate their own children's fornication.

Title X

"The program is designed to provide access to contraceptive [sic] supplies and information to all who want and need them with priority given to low-income persons."

"Created in 1970, the Title X program is the only Federal program solely dedicated to family planning and reproductive health with a mandate to provide a broad range of acceptable and effective family planning methods and services."

Title X publications

US DHHS, Office of Public Health and Science, Office of Population Affairs brochure on Depo-Provera

What is it? Depo-Provera is a long-acting form of the hormone depomedroxyprogesterone acetate (progestin).

How does it work? Depo-Provera works in several ways. It thickens cervical mucus, which blocks sperm; it prevents ovulation; and it prevents implantation.

How is it used? Depo-Provera is injected into a woman’s upper arm or buttock once every 12 weeks.


US DHHS, Office of Public Health and Science, Office of Population Affairs brochure on "The Pill"

What is it? The pill is a prescription drug containing the hormones estrogen and progrestin.

How does it work? The pill works in several ways: It thickens cervical mucus which blocks the sperm; it prevents ovulation; and it prevents implantation.

How is it used? A pill is taken by mouth every day for 21 or 28 consecutive days of the menstrual cycle. It should be taken at the same time each day and should be taken on schedule, month after month.



Republicans Bob Inglis and Joe Wilson are NOT Pro-Life !
Republicans Bob Inglis and Joe Wilson are NOT Pro-Family !
Republicans Bob Inglis and Joe Wilson are NOT Pro-Parental Authority !
Republicans Bob Inglis and Joe Wilson are NOT Pro-Biblical Morality !

Pro-lifers don't waste your votes on November 7th on these Republican Congressmen who fund surgical abortion, chemical abortion, the nation's largest chain of abortion centers, i.e., Planned Parenthood, and fornication, and usurpation of parental authority !

No king but King Jesus !

Steve Lefemine
Independent / Write-in !
Candidate for US House, Second Congressional District
South Carolina

Lefemine For Life for Congress
(803) 765-0916

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