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FOX News (3/30/09), prior to G-20: Republican shill Sean Hannity finally agrees there is a conspiracy to create a world government

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"March 30, 2009 - Dick Morriss and Sean Hannity finally agree there is a conspiracy to create a world government."
Video (5:07)

Dick Morris (former Clinton advisor) interviewed on FOX News TV with radio talk show host/TV talk show host Republican shill Sean Hannity:


Broadcast March 30, 2009
(the G-20 London Summit began the evening of April 1; concluded and G-20 Communique issued, on April 2)

Dick Morris: "... there is a big thing that's gonna happen in London at this G-20, and then, they're hiding it, they're camouflaging it, they're not talking about it. Coordination of international regulation. What they are going to do is to put our Fed [Federal Reserve] and our SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] under the control, in effect, of the IMF [International Monetary Fund].

Sean Hannity: "Oh, c'mon."

Dick Morris: "That's what's in the draft agenda. They call it coordination of regulation. What it really is, is putting the American economy under international regulation."

Sean Hannity: "Yeah."

Dick Morris: "And those people, who have been yelling, "Oh the UN's gonna take over, global government."

Sean Hannity: "Conspiracy theorists."

Dick Morris: "They're conspir... They've been crazy. But now, they're right. It's happening."

Sean Hannity: "When Geithner said he'd be open to the idea of a global currency last week. Those conspiracy people, had said, and suggested that for years, you're not wrong, you're not wrong."

Dick Morris: "And ya know, it's, what they always do at these conferences, is they have, the center show is here... and the side show they don't want you to pay attention to. The center show is the size of the stimulus package. The real show is international regulation of the financial institutions, which is gonna happen under the IMF control. And remember, the IMF is run by Europeans. The World Bank by Americans."

Read and download the entire report here.

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