Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Obama's 2008 Catholic National Advisory Council - the Notre Dame Connection

Obama's 2008 Catholic National Advisory Council included two Notre Dame faculty, and a Notre Dame alumnus

***Also on Obama's 2008 Catholic National Advisory Council, as one of the National Co-Chairs was Bilderberger, pro-abortion extremist, former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, now HHS Secretary


Obama's 2008 Catholic National Advisory Council included:

- Cathleen Kaveny, Professor of Law and Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame
- Vincent Rougeau, Associate Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame
- Peter Quaranto, Senior Researcher and Conflict Analyst, Resolve Uganda (Notre Dame Class of 2006)


Who Are Obama's Catholic Supporters?

"Included on the list are prominent academics such as Mary Jo Bane, Harvard; M. Shaun Copeland and Lisa Cahill, Boston College; Cathleen Kaveny and Vincent Rougeau, Notre Dame; Vincent Miller, Georgetown; and David O'Brien, Holy Cross. The religious orders are also represented: Sr. Catherine Pinkerton, Congregation of St. Joseph; and Margaret Gannon, IHM, a sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary [sic]."

"Several members have strong and recent ties to centers of power in the Catholic Church. Sharon Daly has been described as one of the highest-ranking lay women leaders in the Church, and was for many years vice-president for social policy at Catholic Charities USA. Ron Cruz, listed now as a consultant, was, only last year, director of the USCCB's Secretariat of Hispanic Affairs.?"

Obama's Catholic Committee: The Lineup
April 11, 2008

Read and download the entire report here.

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