Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is 'Christ'-Mass Biblical ? Or is it Romish, Babylonian, and Pagan ?

Why does the false religion of Rome presently headquartered in the sovereign Vatican City-State make such a huge, internationally-televised production of their Christmas Eve Midnight Mass conducted annually in St. Peter's Basilica ?

Aside from being an annual propaganda piece for the blasphemous "re-sacrifice" of Christ which takes place in every Catholic Mass, why the emphasis by Rome on the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass ? Could it be that the original celebration of pagan sun god worship which occurred historically on December 25th in ancient Rome, is being celebrated before a global audience (via television) by the modern false Babylonian religion of the Roman Catholic religious system ?

After all, to this day there remains an ancient obelisk from Egypt, taken from Heliopolis, the one-time center of Egyptian sun god worship, prominently displayed in St. Peter's Square, in front of St. Peter's Basilica. In form typical of so much of Rome's Babylonian-based religion, this occultic, pagan, masonic, phallic shaft, has been "christianized" by placing an obligatory cross at the very top. This particular obelisk was brought from Egypt to Rome in the 1st Century by the Roman Emperor Caligula, and more than 15 centuries later, placed in St. Peter's Square.

Biblical reference in Jeremiah 43:13 (KJB): Heliopolis is called Beth-shemesh, Hebrew for "house of the sun."

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