Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gen. Alexander Haig dead at 85

- CFR-member, Bilderberger, Roman Catholic, Knight of Malta, Palin-promoters Advisory Board - Decades-long loyal servant of the Vatican / Jesuit / Illuminati New World Order

Former Presidential Adviser Alexander Haig Dies (Feb. 20, 2010)
"Nixon promoted Haig in 1972 from a two-star general to a four-star rank, passing over 240 high-ranking officers with greater seniority."

In this March 21, 1978 file photo, Gen. Alexander Haig, speaks at a Pentagon news conference on in Washington. (AP)

There was a reason Al Haig, West Point traitor, class of 1947, was fast-tracked from 2-star to 4-star General, leap-frogging over 240 more senior officers. The evidence is Al Haig was a loyal servant of the Vatican / Jesuit / Illuminati New World Order globalist elites, including his former boss, NWO icon, CFR-member, former CFR-director, Bilderberger, Rockefeller/Brzezinski Trilateral Commission member, Henry "Mr. New World Order" Kissinger. Haig's boss in the Pentagon, Gen. William Westmoreland, after the latter's command in Viet Nam, was also a CFR-member. Al Haig's younger brother is a Jesuit Roman Catholic priest at Loyola University, Baltimore, Maryland.

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