Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gresham Barrett endorsed by Globalist Establishment Insider, CFR-member Dick Cheney

CFR-member, NWO Globalist Dick Cheney has endorsed Gresham Barrett for SC Governor.

Dick Cheney is a former CFR Director (1987-89, 1993-95) and former Trilateral Commission member.

Former VP Cheney endorses Barrett
26 May 2010

Former VP Cheney endorses Barrett
26 May 2010

"Dick Cheney ex-director of CFR talks to [ NWO Globalist kingpin ] David Rockefeller"

Dick Cheney on video speaking at CFR meeting, acknowledging he was a former CFR director (beginning at 1:35)
Video (1:54) / 120,357 views

DICK CHENEY: ( concealed his position as CFR director during his Congressional career - narrator )

"It's good to be back at the Council on Foreign Relations, as Pete mentioned, I've been a member for a long time and was actually a director for some period of time. I never mentioned that when I was campaigning for re-election back home in Wyoming." (Cheney smiling, robust laughter from audience at CFR)


And yet, Gresham Barrett's campaign website is "spinning" a parallel universe alternative reality as part of the top posting for June 15:

"While Nikki Haley’s Campaign is Showcasing Establishment Support,
Gresham is Focused on Building Grassroots Momentum"

While I cannot in good conscience endorse Mrs. Nikki Haley for the ministry of civil magistrate, a role which in God's creation-order, HE has assigned to men***, at the same time, there should be no mistaking "who" is the ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATE in the Republican run-off race for SC Governor. Gresham Barrett's endorsement by consummate NWO Globalist Establishment Insider Dick Cheney demonstrates who the "Establishment's favorite" in the GOP SC Governor's primary race is now - it is Gresham Barrett.

Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
dir., Columbia Christians for Life
June 16, 2010 / Corrected and Revised June 21, 2010

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