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Billy Graham Library Dedication May 31 - Clinton, Carter, Bush Sr. included

Adulterer, pro-abort, globalist, CFR-member Bill Clinton, and pro-abort, apostate, globalist, CFR-member Jimmy Carter, and Skull and Bonesman, former CFR-board member George H.W. Bush to help dedicate Billy Graham Library near Charlotte, NC May 31

The Billy Graham Library
Charlotte, NC
Dedication Day - May 31, 2007

"Billy Graham Library to Honor Legacy" [Pat Roberston organization]
May 23, 2007
"President George H.W. Bush will deliver the keynote address. Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter will also be involved in the dedication."
"About 1,400 invited guests, including family, friends, longtime supporters, and dignitaries, will attend the dedication ceremony."

"Next Week: Three U.S. Presidents Join Together to Help Dedicate New Billy Graham Library in Charlotte"

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Membership Lists

See a concise overview article about the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) on the internet at:
"The Definition of Tyranny," The New American (May 15, 1995), by John F. McManus

George H.W. Bush member of Yale's Skull and Bones Club secret society

Is it any wonder that the Christian Church in America (and therefore America herself) is in such deep trouble when Billy Graham, the man revered as "America's pastor," dedicates his library with the help of such wicked men ? Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, all having been members of the Trilateral Commission, as well as the Council on Foreign Relations, have served their globalist Establishment masters well, doing immense damage to the United States of America in advancing the New World Order .
(e.g., Panama Canal giveaway, Gulf War I, NAFTA)

President George H.W. Bush, State of the Union Address, given at the United States Capitol, on January 29, 1991 :

"What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea ­ a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind: peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law." "The world can therefore seize this opportunity to fulfill the long-held promise of a new world order ­ where brutality will go unrewarded, and aggression will meet collective resistance."

"So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city." Genesis 11:8, KJB - the Tower of Babel

The "New World Order" is today's Tower of Babel.

Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
dir., Columbia Christians for Life
PO Box 50358, Columbia, SC 29250
(803) 765-0916
May 28, 2007 / Revised October 11, 2008

Posted on Sun, May. 27, 2007

Graham library to help spread message of Gospel
$27 million building honoring famous preacher will be dedicated this week


CHARLOTTE ­ As his older son tells the story, Billy Graham had to be talked into it.

A presidential-style museum with his name all over it? A waste of money, said the Charlotte-born evangelist. Don’t do it.

“That was his first reaction,” Franklin Graham said.

This Thursday in Charlotte, three former presidents will join the world’s most famous preacher and 1,500 guests to dedicate the $27 million Billy Graham Library.

The library opens June 5. The dedication is not open to the public.

Nearly deaf and slowed by symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, the man who has preached to more than 210 million people in 185 countries rarely takes the stage anymore. But he plans to say a few words Thursday.

Graham, 88, came around to the idea of a tourist attraction spotlighting his life and ministry about six years ago, when it was recast as a tool to bring more people to Jesus Christ rather than just a tribute to one man.

A way, in other words, to continue Graham’s 60-year crusade long after he’s dead and buried.

Franklin Graham said he and other board members of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association pitched it this way: “‘Dr. Graham, this isn’t about you, this is about taking the message of the Gospel to another generation.’ Then my father was excited about it.”

So visitors to the Billy Graham Library ­ just off Billy Graham Parkway west of I-77 ­ will enter through doors that form the base of a glass cross climbing 40 feet high. They’ll see Scripture passages on the trusses in the lobby and throughout the 40,000-square-foot museum.

And they’ll hear Graham’s dynamic preaching in almost every exhibit.

It booms out of the replica of the radio booth where he did his “Hour of Decision” in the 1950s. And it flows at the re-creation of the Berlin Wall, where Graham ­ with a little help from translators ­ reached out to spiritually starved Soviet bloc crowds in the 1970s and ‘80s.

These days, Graham spends most of his time at his Montreat home with wife, Ruth, who is bedridden and too ill to travel to the dedication. Neither of them has been involved in the day-to-day planning of the Billy Graham Library.

“I left that to Franklin and the board,” Graham said in response to written questions from the Observer. “They knew my wishes that the facility not focus too much on me, but rather honor the Lord and provide opportunities to present visitors with the Gospel and allow them to respond.”

Along with the Christian message, visitors will also get a generous helping of Graham the man, who became an international celebrity and pal to presidents.

Among the memorabilia: golf clubs from Richard Nixon and the Presidential Medal of Freedom bestowed by Ronald Reagan in 1983. Franklin Graham said he and the other museum organizers looked to presidential libraries as models.

It’s really more of a museum than a library: While some of Graham’s personal papers ­ letters, preaching notebooks ­ will eventually be housed here, the records of his crusades and other ministry materials will stay at his alma mater, Wheaton College in Illinois.

Funk is a reporter for The Charlotte Observer, a McClatchy Newspaper.

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