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Hillary did NOT NOT NOT win total Texas delegate fight !

Hillary won Texas Primary on March 4:
Clinton - 65 delegates, Obama - 61 delegates

(Clinton net plus 4 delegates)

Obama projected to win March 4 Texas Caucuses when counting finalized June 5-7:
Obama - 38 delegates, Clinton - 29 delegates

(Obama net plus 9 delegates)

Obama is projected to win the total Texas Primary and Caucuses delegate count:
Obama - 99 delegates, Clinton - 94 delegates

(Obama net plus 5 delegates)

"The Illinois Democrat is poised to win a majority of caucus delegates."

"Mr. Obama appears to have won the overall delegate race in Texas"

"An Associated Press analysis indicates that Mr. Obama holds a 99-94 delegate lead over Mrs. Clinton."
Dallas News, Dallas, Texas
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Therefore, the predominant narrative "spun" by the Clinton campaign, and by some in the "media-ocracy" among the punditry and "talking-head" population, i.e., that Clinton had won all the "BIG" states (except for Obama's home state of Illinois), is FALSE. Clinton did NOT NOT NOT win Texas. It has been known for weeks now that Obama is projected to win the total Texas delegate count from the Texas Primary and Caucuses, both held on March 4, when the Caucus count is finalized at the Texas Democratic State Convention in Austin, Texas June 5-7.

Steve Lefemine
May 8, 2008


The Dallas News article quoted below is over one month old - the information that Obama is projected to win the overall delegate count for the State of Texas has been available for weeks, and yet this fact has been suppressed in the Corporate, Dinosaur ("Old"), CFR-controlled* Media.*
e.g., FOX News overseer, News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch is a CFR member.

2006 Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Membership Roster


Texas Democrats: Tweak, don't kill caucus system
Leaders say process helps generate high interest
Dallas News
Dallas, Texas

08:46 AM CDT on Tuesday, April 1, 2008

By WAYNE SLATER and GROMER JEFFERS JR. / The Dallas Morning News ;

[excerpts, highlighting added]

Texas Democrats said Monday that the party's lengthy, sometimes-chaotic caucus system for picking delegates needs to be changed but shouldn't be scrapped.

[article continues]

About 100,000 people poured into county and Senate district conventions last weekend in the second part of a three-step process for awarding Texas delegates to either Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama. The Illinois Democrat is poised to win a majority of caucus delegates.

[article continues]

Two-thirds of Texas' 193 pledged delegates were distributed based on the popular vote in the March 4 primary and one-third through the caucus system.

Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote, but Mr. Obama appears to have won the overall delegate race in Texas thanks to a strong showing in the caucuses.

An Associated Press analysis indicates that Mr. Obama holds a 99-94 delegate lead over Mrs. Clinton.

"Senator Obama won the delegate fight in Texas," Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said. "That's the bottom line."
Garry Mauro, who is directing Clinton campaign efforts in Texas, conceded that the Obama forces probably did better in the caucuses. But he said the delegate gap could narrow or close entirely by the time the results are officially tallied at the state convention.

[article continues]


A look at the projected breakdown

From primary 61
From caucuses* 38
Total pledged delegates* 99
Estimated national total 1,631

From primary 65
From caucuses* 29
Total pledged delegates* 94
Estimated national total 1,501

Needed for nomination 2,025

*Projected; final numbers determined at state conventions


June 5-7: Texas Democratic Convention, Austin

Aug. 25-28: Democratic National Convention, Denver

SOURCES: Staff and wire reports

© 2008, The Dallas Morning News, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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Psalm 94:15, KJB

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Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
dir., Columbia Christians for Life
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May 8, 2008

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