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Catholic Pope's Nov. 4-6, 2008 Ecumenical Forum with Muslims at Rome's Vatican

Roman Catholicism's Pope continues anti-messiah agenda to establish One-World false religion under the Vatican

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Rome's Pope to meet Muslims; furthers NWO goal of one-world (false) Religion
The anti-Christian New World Order (NWO) has three main planks:
1) one-world civil ('political') Government
2) one-world Money
3) one-world (false) Religion

The Pope Kissing The Koran
(Karol Wojtyla - "Pope John Paul II")

Here is a photo of the Pope at the end of an audience with Patriarch Raphael I of Iraq where "the Pope bowed to the Muslim holy book the Qu'ran presented to him by the delegation and kissed it as a sign of respect".


Revelation 17:5

Steve Lefemine
November 6, 2008

News - World
Thursday, Nov. 06, 2008

Pope meets with Muslim scholars, urges better ties

By FRANCES D'EMILIO - Associated Press Writer
The State (Columbia, SC)

AP Photo - In this photo made available by the Vatican newspaper L' Osservatore Romano, Pope Benedict XVI, at right, greets Mustafa Ceric, center, head of the Bosnia Islamic Community, during a a three-day Catholic-Muslim forum hosted by the Vatican, Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008. The Pontiff has told Muslim clergy and scholars that Christians and Muslims must overcome their misunderstandings. He is also urging freedom of worship for non-Muslims in the Islamic world. Man at left is unidentified. - L'Osservatore Romano, HO

AP Photo - In this photo made available by the Vatican newspaper L' Osservatore Romano, Pope Benedict XVI, at right in white, greets participants of a three-day Catholic-Muslim forum hosted by the Vatican, Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008. The Pontiff has told Muslim clergy and scholars that Christians and Muslims must overcome their misunderstandings. He is also urging freedom of worship for non-Muslims in the Islamic world. Man at left is unidentified. - L'Osservatore Romano, HO


VATICAN CITY -- Christians and Muslims must overcome their misunderstandings, Pope Benedict XVI told Muslim clergy and scholars Thursday as he pressed for greater freedom of worship for non-Muslims in the Islamic world.

His meeting in the Apostolic Palace with a delegation of scholars and other Muslim representatives capped a three-day conference in Rome involving Catholic clergy and professors and Islamic experts. Benedict told participants he had followed the "progress" of the talks closely.

The pope's baptism of a prominent Egyptian-born Muslim last Easter in St. Peter's Basilica upset some in the Muslim world. Benedict also angered Muslims with comments linking Islam to violence in a speech in 2006.

"Dear friends, let us unite our efforts, animated by good will, in order to overcome all misunderstanding and disagreements," the pope said in a speech to the delegates. "Let us resolve to overcome past prejudices and to correct the often distorted images of the other, which even today can create difficulties in our relations."

Benedict has expressed regret for any offense caused by his 2006 remarks.

Beyond repairing strained relations, the Vatican views the talks between both sides as an opportunity to push for better treatment of Christians in parts of the Muslim world.

In Saudi Arabia, non-Muslims cannot worship in public, Christian symbols like crosses cannot be openly displayed and Muslims who convert face death. The Vatican has also spoken out about the plight of Christians in Iraq, where churches have been attacked, clergy kidnapped and many faithful forced to flee the country.

Benedict expressed hope that fundamental rights will be "protected for all people everywhere."

"The discrimination and violence which even today religious people experience throughout the world, and the often-violent persecutions to which they are subject, represent unacceptable and unjustifiable acts," the pope continued.

The call for tolerance also applies to countries that are essentially "failed states" for their Muslim citizens, too, said Hamza Yusuf Hanson, a U.S.-based scholar among the Muslim participants.

"Muslims are suffering under the yoke of tyrannies where rights which should be afforded to anyone" are denied, Hanson told reporters.

The discussions at the Vatican made important strides, according to Abdal Hakim Murad Winter, an Islamic studies lecturer at the Divinity School at England's Cambridge University.

"Both sides agreed to respect the sanctity" of each other's beliefs and to "not tolerate any mockery," Winter told journalists.

Mufti Mustafa Ceric of Bosnia predicted that Barack Obama's election and family background will foster better Muslim-Christian understanding.

Obama is a Christian. [sic**] Yet the U.S. president-elect's grandfather in Kenya converted to Islam from Roman Catholicism, according to the grandfather's second wife, and Obama spent part of his childhood in Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim nation.

** [ CCL Note: Barack Obama supports child-murder-by-abortion, and those who commit ACTS of sodomy (sodomites). - The Bible says about such men as Obama: "They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate." Titus 1:16 ]

Catholic delegates to the conference included Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, who heads the Vatican's council on interreligious dialogue, retired Washington, D.C. archbishop, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Chaldean Archbishop Louis Sako of the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk.


Copyright, The State, Columbia, SC

CCL Note: Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has appeared on the CFR-controlled Establishment Media's "Meet the Press"

February 29 , 2004
MR. TIM RUSSERT: Our issues this Sunday: Devastating charges. More than 4,000 Catholic priests sexually abused more than 10,000 children.
The Catholic hierarchy severely chastised:

Pope names new Washington D.C. archbishop - Europe- (5/16/2006)
Pope Benedict XVI has named Pittsburgh Bishop Donald Wuerl to replace Cardinal Theodore McCarrick as archbishop of Washington.


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Rome and US Presidential Candidates - Vatican's New World Order in the open - "Hidden in Plain View"Rome's Catholic Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Egan, with CFR's McCain and Marxist Obama
Rome's New World Order in operation - "Hidden in Plain View"
-Vatican's Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York Cardinal Edward Egan
- Pro-Abort, Pro-Sodomite, NWO Globalist, CFR-member, John "McAmnesty" McCain
- Pro-Abort, Pro-Sodomite, NWO Globalist, Marxist, Barack "Citizen of the World" Obama

Roman Catholicism is NOT Biblical Christianity

Five Reasons Why Roman Catholicism is not Biblical Christianity

Evangelism to Roman Catholics by a former Roman Catholic priest:
The is the ministry outreach of former Catholic priest Richard Bennett.

"The Two Babylons - Romanism and Its Origins," by Alexander Hislop (1916):
"Where did the practices and beliefs of Roman Catholicism come from? In this scholarly classic, first published over eighty years ago, Alexander Hislop reveals that many Roman Catholic teachings did not originate with Christ or the Bible, but were adopted from ancient pagan Babylonian religion, and given Christian names."

Pope: Roman Catholic 'Church' only one true church
Repeating centuries of history, Rome has once again revealed its own dominion theology of primacy, and indeed, sole legitmacy, as the only true "church" on earth, in a document approved by the current false prophet occupying the antichrist Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI, on June 29, 2007. This blasphemous, perverted assertion is in fact just the opposite of the Truth. The false religion of Romanism is NOT Biblical Christianity, but is in fact a "Christianized" form of the ancient pagan religion of historical Babylon.

Faithful Christian Church Stands Against Pagan Shrine to Roman Goddess Worship in La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA
"We Stand Against the Goddess Worship in La Crosse." - Pilgrims Covenant Church, Mr. Ralph Ovadal, pastor.

"The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God."

Psalm 9:17, KJB

"But judgment shall return unto righteousness: and all the upright in heart shall follow it."

Psalm 94:15, KJB

No King but King Jesus! (Yeshua Messiah)
Declarations and Evidences of Christian Faith in America's Colonial Charters, State Constitutions, and other Historical Documents during over 375 Years of American History: 1606 to 1982

"... I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18
Yeshua Messiah

Hallelu-Yah !

Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
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November 6, 2008

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