Wednesday, June 03, 2009


"New Hampshire joins Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa as states establishing same sex marriage laws."

[ CCL Correction: NO LAWS were passed to implement sodomite “marriage” [sic] in Massachusetts or Iowa – In Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Supreme Court unconstitutionally and illegally assumed jurisdiction in a case and ruled in favor of sodomite “marriage” [sic]; then Mass. Governor Mitt Romney (R) unilaterally, unconstitutionally, and illegally implemented measures to commence sodomite “marriage” [sic]. In Iowa, sodomite “marriage” [sic] came about as a result of an Iowa Supreme Court ruling. ]

Massachusetts (# 2 at 47%) and Vermont (#3 at 42%) and New Hampshire (#6 at 35%) and Connecticut (#7 at 34%) are all heavily Roman Catholic. [ Maine (#19 at 25%) ]

Roman Catholicism by state

Catholic (blue)
Baptist (red)
Methodist (orange)
Lutheran (yellow)
Mormon (green)
No Religion (gray)

Plurality of religious preference by state, 2001.
Catholicism is also largest denomination in the No Religion plurality states and Hawaii.

Read and download the entire report here.

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