Friday, July 15, 2011

Roman Catholic Papacy is connected to Freemasonry is connected to Masonic Zionist "Israel"

- The Six-pointed Star, commonly known as the "Star of David", is actually an ancient, occultic, mystic, Masonic symbol. 
  The pictures presented of Rome's current Pope Benedict XVI (German Joseph Ratzinger) wearing his golden mitre displaying the Six-pointed Stars,  link the false Babylonian religion of Roman Catholicism practiced by Papal Rome, with the false Babylonian religion of Freemasonry, with the Vatican /  Jesuit General / Papal creation of the modern nation of Masonic Zionist "Israel" in 1948, displaying this same occultic, Masonic symbol on its national flag.
- The implication of the so-called "Star of David" [sic]  Masonic, Occultic, Six-pointed Star being used as the symbol on the national flag of the modern (1948) Zionist, Masonic - led State of Israel, is that Masonic - led Israel is a creation and an instrumentof Rome's VaticanPapal / Jesuit General / Freemason / Illuminati New World Order.
Originally July 15, 2011 / Edited version August 5, 2011
Read and download the complete report here.

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