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Council on National Policy - Should Christian Leaders Be Involved?

Council on National Policy


Should Christian Leaders Be Involved?

Many Christians have never heard of the Council on National Policy (CNP). This organization holds great sway over the ministries of Christian leaders whose followers may number in the millions. Some have affiliations to the Moonies, some belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, some have connections to the Bilderbergers, some members are Masons, some are powerful and some are relatively insignificant. Though the CNP Christian leaders may desire a nation lead by God, their methodology is too diverse for workable cohesion.

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The Council on National Policy Should Christian Leaders Be Involved?

By Al Cronkrite

The Covenant News ~ January 13, 2005

Yes! To this thought I hold with firm persistence;
The last result of wisdom stamps it true:
He only earns his freedom and existence,
Who daily conquers them anew.
Thus here, by dangers girt, shall glide away
Of childhood, manhood, age, the vigorous day:
And such a throng I fain would see,--
Stand on free soil among a people free!
Then dared I hail the Moment fleeing:
"Ah, still delay­thou art so fair!"
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, from Faust

Many Christians have never heard of the Council on National Policy (CNP). This organization holds great sway over the ministries of Christian leaders whose followers may number in the millions. Founded in 1981 by author and Evangelical leader Tim LaHaye, the membership includes such Christian icons as James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Phyllis Schlafly, D. James Kennedy, H-Bomb
creator Dr. Edward Teller (died 2003), former Attorney General Ed Meese, Jack Kemp, Amway founder Richard DeVoss, several members of the oil-rich Texas Hunt clan who were involved in the founding, several members of the Coors family of beer fame, Delaware politician Pierre du Pont, and Alan Gottlieb who is connected to Rev. Sun Myong Moon's Unification Church. The membership is extensive numbering over two hundred with scores of famous names.

It is a clandestine organization, the thrice-yearly meetings are held in secret. Members fawn over it:
  • I was a charter member of the Council for National Policy, and it is a great organization. It has all the best people in it. ­ Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum
  • If you want to be in the know about the real scoop, that you don't read about in the newspapers, this is the organization to be part of. ­ Pat Robertson, Christian Coalition
  • There are very few organizations left that say 'yes, we believe.' And, we're out to implement that policy in every way we can. We need those people out there who are considering linking hands and arms with us in this battle. I do hope they'll join us. ­ Jim Dobson, Focus on the Family

Some have affiliations to the Moonies, some belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, some have connections to the Bilderbergers, some members are Masons, some are powerful and some are relatively insignificant. There are some that have an agenda and others who need money, some are Calvinists, others are theologically void Evangelicals. It is a potpourri of individuals who are concerned about America and about the politics that guide it. Since the majority of its members occupy high positions, the CNP is a goldmine for conspiracy theories.

Member and former participant, Gary North, in a piece defending his membership writes insightfully,

"As far as I could figure out, the CNP was basically a way to attract rich conservative businessmen who wanted to imagine that they were participating on the inside track of high-level politics. CNP provided that illusion. At CNP meetings, they could meet the leaders of the conservative movement, who had one thing in common: they all ran organizations that were short of money. There may not have been a meeting of the minds at CNP meetings, but there were meetings of potential donors and full-time money-absorbers. I don't think much money passed hands at the meetings, but there was a CNP members-only address book, with direct phone numbers. That, in my view, was the key to understanding the CNP, 1981-91. After that, I don't know. Most of those of us who were hard-core Right-wingers, pre-Reagan, stopped attending."

Secularists often accuse the CNP of promoting a Dominionist theology and are concerned that they might be forced into an obedience they disdain or an allegiance to a God in Whom they do not believe. In an Article entitled Conquering by Stealth and Deception Katherine Yurica, whose quote from Goethe I have used at the beginning of this article, writes,

The Council on Foreign Relations is mimicked by the secretive dominionist Council for National Policy. The so called "liberal" press is countered with Fox News and Sun Myung Moon's Washington Times, and dominionist talk show hosts spew their right wing political views and venom from coast to coast. Public schools are countered with private home and chartered schools. And in the last few months a move has been made within the church to break up and divide denominations along the lines of conservative beliefs in certain social issues so that two sets of churches will be created: one that practices right wing politics and one that is liberal!

The charge that the CNP is "Dominionist" is difficult to sustain. Intrinsic in Dominionism is Godly control of His creation. Godly control can only be obtained through voluntary obedience to The Law. Though the CNP Christian leaders may desire a nation lead by God, their methodology is too diverse for workable cohesion. The bulk of the membership is Evangelical, theologically weak and totally unprepared to work toward a Dominionist goal. Though to the secular outsider any Christian organization that seeks power is assumed to be Dominionist, in practice, such is not the case.

The Katherine Yurica quote does provide a working description of the Hegelian Dialectic. Membership in diverse organizations like the CNP also provides an opportunity "To practice the experience of speculating, conjecturing, theorizing, etc.". This is Dean Gotcher’s definition of Praxis. Praxis creates opportunities for conflicts between the Thesis and the Anti-Thesis resulting in Synthesis. Synthesis gives the false impression that significant progress is being made. This is the abominable process of compromise that ends in progressively larger evil and by which America consistently manages to vote for its own demise.

Governmental deadlock over issues that involve obeying or disobeying the Constitution is viewed as detrimental to progress and invariably the righteous position is compromised. This is the dialectical pragmatism that leads to loss of freedom.

By definition pragmatism is result oriented: "Concerned with actual practice, everyday affairs, etc., not with theory or speculation; practical" it seeks to concern itself with pre-determined results. It is an instrument of insightful secular men. Many Christian leaders, whose bloated ministries require a constant influx of thankless deductible dollars, drain the sustenance from the Body of Christ. Christian tithes should not be wasted on the ministerial idols of men. The utilitarian objectives of most Christian ministries are evil at their core. Their obsession with their own ecclesiastics overcomes any ability to follow the Will of God.

At an August 2004 "pep rally" in support of President Bush II, just prior to the Republican Convention, the CNP met at the posh Plaza Hotel in New York City. According to the New York Times, President Bush had addressed the group in the fall of 1999 to solicit their support. Both Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney have also attended meetings.

For the do-gooders of the world the accumulation of power is always accompanied by the temptation to use it to force "good" policies on the less powerful. In spite of the fact that God’s power is made perfect in weakness, when organizations are formed with the purpose of amassing power, the temptation to enforce "good" usually becomes irresistible. What better example than the policies of President Bush II and the War in Iraq; the leader of a powerful nation attempting by force to abolish both the government and the religion of a weak but relatively wealthy smaller nation.

There is only one ministry that should deserve the tithes of God’s people and that is the establishment of His Kingdom. Not by might nor by power but by the assiduous pursuit of His Spirit and the Grace produced desire to obey His written Laws. It is never the mission of God’s people to be complicit in the destruction of His creation. Destruction is a punishment imposed on those who fail to obey His commandments. For those who seek to obey and live by the Grace God had provided, rebuke and correction are in order. It is God’s dominion to determine times and punishments. We may see the signs but those signs should only add to our industriousness.

The Achilles heel of the elitist CNP is their failure to promote an agenda capable of changing the Nation. Electing Christians whose guidance is gleaned from the Holy Spirit without reference to the immutable Laws given to Moses results in a flaccid chaos that produces nothing of value. The compromises produced in this organization and in the pragmatic policies of many Christian leaders are glaringly reflected in the malevolent programs of the Bush II government.

It is important in these times that we remember the stringent dictates God gave to Moses concerning the fate of the inhabitants of the Promised Land. With all the fidelity to Biblical doctrine claimed by our leaders there is seldom any reference to God’s command for the extermination of the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites. "That they teach you not to do after all their abominations, which they have done unto their gods; so should ye sin against the Lord your God" Deuteronomy 20:18. From the beginning, God’s love for his chosen people was such that their contamination was to be prevented at all costs. Righteousness always suffers when Christian leaders engage in policy dialogue with powerful pagans.

The Evil One is enthralled with things hidden while Our Savior seeks to bring all into the light. All organizations that meet in secret do so with ulterior motives. Some of the reasons are quite innocent but others are silently malignant. Ostensibly, the CNP meets to promote more Christian influence in American government and society. It was said to have been founded to counter the Council on Foreign Relations. One organization bent on building a modern Tower of Babel and the other bent on an obscure Christian agenda. Both peopled by elites and both subject to suspicion.

It appears these powerful leaders are innocent as lambs and dumb as goats for apparently they all supported the election of President Bush. Much of that influence may have come from the CNP.

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Al Cronkrite is a free-lance writer from Florida.

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One of the leading organizations advancing this sovereignty-stealing agenda is called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Formed in 1921, the CFR is based in NY City, and it is incredible to see the influence it wields, administration after adminstration, regardless of whether the President is a Republican or Democrat, because of the many key positions CFR members hold (e.g., Cheney, Powell, and Rice (R); as well as Clinton, Shalala, andCarter (D) are all CFR members). See a concise overview article about the CFR on the internet at:


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