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CONGRESS (US House District 2)


December 25, 2004


Thank you to each one who has prayed, or contributed with your time, labors, talents, or finances for this run for US House in the Second Congressional District (SC) conducted on November 2nd. Most of all, I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Yahshua Messiah) for the blessing and privilege of having the opportunity to represent Him in the ‘gates’. Most people think of the worldly business of “politics” as something secular, as
the so-called “art of compromise.” But this is the heathen, worldly, and pagan view. The Bible-based Christian
worldview, on the other hand, is that “Christian statesmanship is the God-ordained ministry (Romans 13:1-4) and holy undertaking, of establishing justice in the gate of civil government.” If more Christians had a biblical worldview of God’s intended purpose for civil government, the third of God’s corporate“governments” (in addition to the family and church) which He established, ordained, and empowers, then perhaps there would have been fewer Christian whites among the 60 million plus foolish Americans who voted for the Illuminati Establishment’s Skull and Bones occultic secret society Republican puppet, George W. Bush; and perhaps also there would have been fewer Christian blacks among the 57 million plus foolish Americans who voted for the Illuminati Establishment’s Skull and Bones occultic secret society Democratic puppet, John F. Kerry; and perhaps there would have been more faithful Christians, black and white, in addition to the 140,000 plus more wise and discerning Americans, who voted for Christian attorney, constitutionalist, and homeschooling father, Michael Peroutka, the Constitution Party presidential candidate!

In the US House District # 2 (SC) race, I received 4,447 votes (1.6 % of the total) this time. In comparison to the 404 votes (0.7 % of the total) that I received in the same race (US House District # 2) in the 2001 Special Election, I am looking at these 2004 results with a positive, optimistic outlook – 4,447 votes is more than ten times 404 votes ! (smile)Hallelu-Yah !

South Carolina State Election Commission
General Election - November 2, 2004

South Carolina Election Returns



Campaign Strategies: Hand-distributed flyers, “Yard” Signs, Free TV air time, and Radio Commercials

With a low-budget campaign war chest ($1220.00), the options available to get a candidate’s name and message out are more limited than those of the better-funded Establishment party candidates.

Nevertheless, our Lord is a Creative God, and He has ways above our ways (Is. 55:8,9) to accomplish His purposes. Like young David fighting Goliath, using the weapons he was familiar and practiced with (1 Sam. 17:34-40), brother Johnny Gardner, director of Voice of the Unborn, who stands day after day on the streets of Columbia as a witness for Christ against the unspeakable crime of abortion, distributed several thousand endorsement letters on the streets. One of his letters endorsing Steve’s candidacy for U.S. Congress is enclosed. I sincerely appreciate Johnny’s help, done as unto the Lord, to advance the cause of stopping South Carolina’s abortion holocaust (over 300,000 dead and counting in a so-called ‘Bible-belt’ state where the Republicans have controlled the SC House of Representatives since 1995, and have never even passed the Right to Life Act of SC out of the House Judiciary Committee !).

Although I have run graphic anti-abortion TV commercials in past congressional campaigns (in both 2001 and 2002), I had not used small (1 ½ x 2 ft.) yard signs before this year’s campaign. I purchased some here in Columbia and was blessed with more from Vern Bearden, and was able to get a lot of signs out on the highways and by-ways in Lexington and Richland Counties especially, as well as a good number in Beaufort and Orangeburg. In fact, one or more signs were up in 7 out of the 10 counties that make up the Second District. In addition to Vern’s provision, I would like to thank brother Johnny (again!), Robert Lampley, Randy McCoy and Ken Collins for helping plant these signs in counties from the coast to the midlands. I had a number of people tell me about seeing the signs, and although quite a few were taken, it was a great way to build name and party recognition (you can see the sign’s design at

One of the opportunities presented to candidates who run for office is free TV time. I was allowed to appear at no cost on the NBC affiliate (the largest station) in Columbia, on a cable program in Orangeburg, as well as the NBC affiliate in Savannah, GA, which broadcasts into Beaufort County in SC. The Savannah station allowed me to record a three-minute statement, in which I referred to “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”, the goal of the Constitution Party (To restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical premises, and to limit the Federal Government to its enumerated, specified powers.), the Eight-Points of my campaign (, beginning with Point # 1, to acknowledge God’s Law as the moral foundation of all our laws, and concluded by asking for the viewers’ votes, and to “please join me in echoing the battle cry of our patriot forefathers who proclaimed, ‘No King but King Jesus!’ ”.

The largest single expense during the campaign was running 60-second radio commercials on a large newstalk station that carried three nationally known radio hosts. The cost was either $32 per spot, or $6 per spot, depending upon whether the spot was guaranteed to be aired, or whether it was on a “space available” basis. Total cost for 28 commercials: $688. The two radio ads run were “Sanctity of Life” (done with Johnny Gardner) and my opposition to the “War in Iraq.”

Only two Peroutka 2004 campaign TV ads with graphic pictures of aborted children were shown in the Columbia area, and even those were in the very late, after-midnight hours. Nevertheless, I commend Michael Peroutka, and others who helped (e.g., John Moore, Pat Johnston) to air dozens of these ads elsewhere (e.g., Ohio) for their courage and faithfulness.

Several early state constitutions established various requirements for overt declarations of general (not sectarian or denominational) Christian belief for those who would be state-level civil ministers, including state legislators and state governors. What is missing in our federal U.S. Constitution is an acknowledgment of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Even the 1892 U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States case, refers to “the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind.” Beginning in 1864, the National Reform Association ( has advocated a national confession of the Lord Jesus Christ be amended into the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, to which I say a hearty “Amen !”. To read excerpts of early state constitutions with various declarations of belief in Christianity,
the Trinity, or the divine inspiration of the Old and New Testaments, go to the posting entitled: No King but King Jesus !

I come now to a difficult message: Because of compromise by some national and state-level leaders, including several founders of the Constitution Party, on the excellent 100% Pro-Life plank of the CP national platform; and the ecumenical nature of the Constitution Party, involving leadership by, and prayer with, those who follow false religions (e.g., Roman Catholicism [I was once Catholic], Mormonism), erroneously identifying
these religions as “Christian”; as well as the unbiblical practice of women usurping “authority over the man”
(1 Timothy 2:12), this is my last CP candidacy. I plan to separate from the CP after Dec. 31 (2 Cor. 6:14-18).

I have learned much since becoming involved with the CP (then USTP) in 1997, and I thank all those in the CP from whom I have learned so much, including and especially USTP/CP founder Howard Phillips, who have done a tremendous service to our country in “moving the ball forward” to restore America’s founding vision. Nevertheless, “the word of the LORD is right; and all His works are done in [His] [T]ruth.” Psalm 33:4

No King but King Jesus !
Steve Lefemine
(thanks to Angela Wittman for establishing and maintaining this website!)

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