Monday, September 18, 2006

Announcement of Lefemine For Life for Congress campaign for 2nd Congressional District

South Carolina State House, north steps, Monday, September 18, 2006, 12:00 noon
SC State House, north steps, Monday, September 18, 2006 Miss Anne Rainville and US House Second Congressional District candidate Steve Lefemine

INDEPENDENT / Write-in ! ( )


For further information, contact: Steve Lefemine,
ph. (803) 765-0916
Lefemine For Life for Congress

Announcement of Lefemine For Life for Congress campaign for 2nd Congressional Distr.

Statement by Steve Lefemine:
SC State House, north steps, Monday, September 18, 2006, 12:00 noon

Good afternoon. Today I am announcing my campaign for the US House seat in the Second Congressional District. I have run for US House three times previously as the nominee of the Constitution Party. This time I am running as an Independent, write-in candidate. The new computerized voter machines to be used in every county of South Carolina this election makes voting for a write-in candidate quite easy. There is a line-item for write-in candidates that the voter can push to enter, and then just type in the name of the person for whom the voter wishes to vote. I would ask the voters of the Second District to push "write-in" for the US House District #2 seat on Election Day, November 7th, and then spell out "Steve Lefemine."

I ask the voters of the Second District for their votes as the only Christian constitutionalist candidate in this race. I believe in the Rulership of the Lord Jesus Christ over all nations; the Rule of Law founded in God's moral law; and the Sanctity of Human Life, beginning at fertilization, with no exceptions. I call for the end of American involvement in the undeclared and therefore unconstitutional, and therefore illegal War in Iraq; for the security of America's borders, including a temporary moratorium on immigration; for the protection of biblical marriage, and the right of the states to re-criminalize acts of sodomy; for the immediate revocation of America's involvement in NAFTA, CAFTA, and the WTO, and the complete rejection of President Bush's FTAA, the Council on Foreign Relations' North American Union, and any other New World Order scheme to turn the Western hemisphere into a regional government like the European Union. I call for the withdrawal of the US from the UN, and the eviction of the UN from US soil.

The incumbent, Joe Wilson, is too often just a rubber stamp for the Bush administration, on important issues like our national sovereignty and going to war. For example, despite his own promise and pledge to the contrary, Joe Wilson helped surrender more of America's sovereignty when he cast a critical vote IN SUPPORT OF the sovereignty, jobs, and manufacturing-stealing Central American Free Trade Agreement, in a midnight voting session on July 27-28, 2005. The New American magazine took note of Joe Wilson's betrayal of his constituents and of his own word in its August 22, 2005 issue
("Vote-buying and Arm-twisting," ). A copy of this article has been included in the press kit, as well as a copy of Joe Wilson's own Oct. 2004 letter to a SC citizen assuring him, "I can pledge to you that I will be an opponent against any type of free trade agreement due to its harmful effects on the U.S. market." Joe Wilson lied. He proved he is willing to betray his own word and the people of SC, trading away American sovereignty, jobs, and manufacturing capacity, to bow to the wishes of President Bush, who personally went to Capitol Hill to pressure lawmakers to pass CAFTA.

Joe Wilson claims to be pro-life, and yet year after year, he votes for the huge, pork-laden, unconstitutional Health and Human Services appropriations bill, giving America's largest chain of abortion centers, Planned Parenthood, over $100 MILLION dollars/year, through just the Title X birth control program and Medicaid alone. Planned Parenthood kills over 250,000 children/year by surgical abortion. Medicaid also pays for selected surgical abortions. Joe Wilson's votes are helping to fund surgical abortions, chemical abortions, Planned Parenthood, and birth control drugs and devices for unmarried teens, even if their parents object to the government aiding and abetting their children to fornicate. Joe Wilson is NOT pro-life or pro-family !

Lastly, Joe Wilson unconstitutionally voted Oct. 10, 2002 to abdicate the power of Congress alone to declare war, and passed that power to the President. Joe Wilson was quoted in The State on Oct. 7, 2002, "If Saddam Hussein won't disarm, then America will have to take action to terminate his ability to threaten us with weapons of mass destruction." No, Mr. Wilson, Saddam did not have WMD's for him to threaten America, and now over 2,600 American military lives have been lost, and nearly 20,000 wounded, in an unjustified, unnecessary, and immoral war, that you continue to support, still backing George W.Bush ! I believe the lives of America's soldiers, sailors, and marines must not be sacrificed advancing the New World Order agenda ! Thank you for your attention. May God have mercy upon America, and may America Bless God.

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