Sunday, October 29, 2006

Incumbent Joe Wilson (R) continues to defend Iraq War in ETV debate Oct. 26

'Wilson,... , defended the war.'

'“I believe we have taken the proper action.”'
The State, Columbia, SC (10/27/06)

South Carolina Incumbent Republican Congressman Joe Wilson continues to publicly defend, on-the-record, the undeclared, and therefore unconstitutional, and therefore illegal Bush, NWO, CFR, et al., Elites, pre-planned (i.e., planned before 9-11 !) Iraq War !

Furthermore, in that there was NO Saddam / 9-11 operational connection, there was no "Just Cause" for invading an independent, sovereign nation by the US and "allies." The Iraq War was also therefore unjustified and unnecessary, and therefore IMMORAL. How many tens of thousands of Iraqi's have been killed during the course of this illegal war ? Bush, Rumsfeld, and others responsible at the highest levels of the US government should at least be impeached, and if the evidence so merits, possibly tried for High Crimes against the American people, the American military, and the people of the independent, sovereign nation of Iraq for this tragic, senseless, and unnecessary, cataclysmic loss of human life.

Over 2,800 American troops are dead, and over 20,000 wounded ( )in a war that should never have taken place to begin with !!!

And Joe Wilson continues to defend the tragic betrayal of the patriotism of the American people, the tragic betrayal of the terrible sacrifices of life and limb of American military men (and women, though women should not be serving as warriors !), by the oath-breaking dereliction of duty by Joe Wilson and his fellow US House members (who passed HJ Res. 114by 296-133; including SC Congressmen Henry Brown (R), Joe Wilson (R), Jim DeMint (R), Lindsey Graham (R), and John Spratt (D),CFR-member) and US Senate members (who passed HJ Res. 114 by 77-23; including Senator Fritz Hollings (D) and Senator Strom Thurmond (R)).

See HJ Res. 114 at (107th Congress) for a list of all the members of the US House and US Senate who voted for this Iraq War Resolution, unconstitutionally transferring the Congressional War Declaration Power in Article I., Sec. 8. to the President.

Fellow oath-breaker President George W. Bush signed this unconstitutional piece of de facto Constitution-amending legislation into [the color of] "law" on October 16, 2002, becoming Public Law [sic] No: 107-243.

Democratic candidate Mickey Ellisor called for the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, "except the portion controlled by the Kurds." and "He favored a plan proposed by Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., which would divide Iraq into three regions by ethnic or religious groups." “It’s in the middle of a civil war,” Ellisor said. “I would bring the rest of (the soldiers) home right now to protect us here.”

Independent / Write-in candidate Steve Lefemine was not permitted by ETV to participate in the Oct. 26 debate, but has opposed the Iraq War publicly since before it was launched inMarch 2003. In a November 1, 2002 news conference while running for US House Distr. #5 against incumbent (CFR) Democrat, John Spratt, Lefemine stated his opposition to theunconstitutional Oct. 10, 2002 US House War Resolution which both Spratt and Joe Wilsonvoted to pass (Lefemine also ran against Joe Wilson in the Dec. 2001 special election).

[See attachments F:\~WORDAT\CONG5-18.DOC; F:\~WORDAT\CONG5-19.DOC; at the end of this article for press release and statement for Lefemine's Nov. 1, 2002 Press Conference opposing the Iraq War BEFORE it was even launched, according to the pre-planned intentions(i.e., planned before 9-11 !) of the Bush, NWO, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), et al., Elites.]

It's well past time for Americans to restore Constitutional government under God !

No king but King Jesus !

Steve Lefemine
Independent / Write-in !
Candidate for US House Second Congressional District (SC)

US Army active duty, 1977-1982, CPT, FA
US Army Reserves, 1982-1993, MAJ, FA
USMA 1977

October 29, 2006


Excerpt below from article covering ETV statewide TV debate (Oct. 26) between only Republican and Democratic candidates for US House District # 2 (third party candidates were not permitted by ETVto debate directly with established, dominant parties (GOP and Dem.), and write-in candidates were not permitted to participate at all in the televised debates, according to Mr. Tom Posey, ETV):

The State
Columbia, SC

Election 2006 Congressional debates feature party politics
Posted on Fri, Oct. 27, 2006

Candidates face off on infrastructure, education, Iraq war


[emphasis added]

In the debate between candidates in the 2nd District, which includes Lexington County south and east to Jasper County and the coast, Iraq dominated much of the talk between incumbent Republican Joe Wilson and Democratic challenger Michael Ray Ellisor.

Wilson, who sits on an influential House military committee, defended the war.

“The insurgency was larger than we anticipated,” Wilson said, when asked if the U.S. had made any mistakes during the war.

“I believe we have taken the proper action.”

Ellisor advocated an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, except the portion controlled by the Kurds. He favored a plan proposed by Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., which would divide Iraq into three regions by ethnic or religious groups.

“It’s in the middle of a civil war,” Ellisor said. “I would bring the rest of (the soldiers) home right now to protect us here.”

over 2,800 dead
over 20,000 wounded

More in October 2006 (over 100 already) than in any of the first three months of the war (March 2003 - 92 dead, April 2003 - 80 dead, or May 2003 - 41 dead), during "major combat operations" !

Restore Constitutional government under God !

Please push "Write-in" for the US House District #2 seat on Election Day, November 7th, and then spell out "S-T-E-V-E L-E-F-E-M-I-N-E" on the computerized voting machine.

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