Monday, June 21, 2010

Personhood top legislative priority for Richard Cash for Congress, 3rd District (SC)

Richard Cash:
"... the personhood of the unborn child must be established beginning at the moment of conception."

Anderson County Republican Party
Congressional Candidate Debate
Anderson University, Anderson, SC
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Richard Cash for Congress
Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District SC (debate footage)
Video (1:28)

Richard Cash:

" ... I would introduce a bill to say that personhood begins at conception."

"Folks, obviously the right to life is the first and foremost right that any person has."

"It's the first responsibility of government to defend the nation [ from ] foreign enemies, and to establish justice at home. And that is why the personhood of the unborn child must be established beginning at the moment of conception. Thank you very much [ audience applause ].


Independent-Mail (Anderson, SC)

Republican candidates stress need to watch spending
Posted April 6, 2010

[ emphasis added ]

Four of five Republican candidates running for South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District seat say their first piece of legislation would be about watching the money, while another says he would take aim at defining the beginning of “personhood.”

Those candidates ­ ice-cream-truck businessman Richard Cash, state Rep. Rex Rice, attorney Neal Collins, Dr. Mike Vasovski and state Rep. Jeff Duncan ­ offered their priorities Tuesday night during a debate hosted by the Anderson County Republican Party. Aside from discussing their first wished-for bills, they all said that jobs to the district is crucial among priorities for the next congressman.


[ Richard ] Cash, who spent eight years working with Pastors for Life, said he would first introduce a bill “that says personhood begins at conception.” He got an ovation from the crowd gathered in Henderson Auditorium at Anderson University.


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