Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kagan Hearings Day 1:

(Video) Opening Statement by Senator Sessions (R-AL), June 28, 2010

Senator Sessions summarizes his concerns regarding Obama's SCOTUS nominee, Elena Kagan


Solicitor General Elena Kagan
Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing

C-SPAN Networks
Video (2:09:54)


Confirmation Hearing, Day One: Monday, June 28

Opening Statements By Senator

Ranking Member Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)
Video - 10+ minutes (13:19 - 23:44)

Senator Sessions' concerns including:

Elena Kagan's lack of real legal experience, her views and actions regarding socialism, court activism, restriction of gun rights, opposition to (CCL: even) partial-birth abortion, her assertion in court as Solicitor General that the federal government is allowed to ban publication of political free speech pamphlets before an election, a legal brief filed approved by her as Solicitor General asking the Supreme Court to "strike down provisions of the Legal Arizona Workers Act, which suspends or revokes business licenses of corporations which knowingly hire illegal immigrants, even though federal law expressly prohibits such hiring." Her actions as Solicitor General regarding the Congress' "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy for the US Military appear to have "deliberately and unnecessarily" put that law in jeopardy. Her association of herself with openly activist judges. Concerns as President and Congress have taken actions which are consistent with the revival of the Progressive philosophy from a century ago, which viewed the United States Constitution as an outdated impediment to their vision for a "new social and political order".

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