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Linkage of Catholic law schools to Planned Parenthood is an 'embarassment'

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Linkage of Catholic law schools to Planned Parenthood is an 'embarassment'
'By Martin Barillas
Monday, October 04, 2010

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According to TFP, a Catholic advocacy group, Boston College Law School a Catholic institutioncurrently lists the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts on its web site under "pro bono organizations" at which its students may provide legal services. Founded in 1863 by the Society of Jesus [ CCL: Jesuits ], Boston College [ CCL: Jesuit University ] has 14,623 students.

Regis University [ CCL: Jesuit University ], Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame de Namur University, Loyola University New Orleans [ CCL: Jesuit University ], and Marquette Law School [ CCL: Jesuit University ], Rosemont College, the University of Detroit Mercy [ CCL: Jesuit University ] also listed Planned Parenthood on their web sites. Following reporting by Catholic World News and protests by TFP and others, the listing of the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood was removed from their respective websites. 

So far, however, Boston College has not removed its listing.

"Why is Boston College encouraging its law students to get involved with the largest abortion provider in America?" questioned TFP Student Action director John Ritchie. "Activity that deliberately claims innocent life and promotes the Culture of Death should be off limits at Boston College and every Catholic university."

Boston College Law School classifies Planned Parenthood as a "public interest organization." The web page in question of the law school says, in part:

"Here you will find lists of organizations that sponsor law-related pro bono activities in Massachusetts. We encourage you to contact those organizations whose work aligns with your own personal mission of service, and to make the time available to contribute to their work in a meaningful way."

According to TFP, the president of Boston College Law school's pro-life group, Laura Balch, pointed out how the mention of Planned Parenthood is opposed to the mission of a Catholic institution. "At best, it's an embarrassment that we would have something so blatantly antagonistic to the Catholic faith on our pro-bono website,” she said to The Observer.

TFP is launching efforts to address concerns over the linkage of an ostensibly Catholic institution of higher learning with an organization promoting abortion and contraception at odds with Catholic teachings. Committed to defend moral values on college campuses, TFP Student Action has launched an e-protest to Fr. William P. Leahy, S.J. [ CCL: Jesuit ], president of Boston College located in Massachusetts, politely asking him to remove the Planned Parenthood web site entry.


Martin Barillas is a former US diplomat, who also worked as a democracy advocate and election observer in Latin America.

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Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
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Columbia, SC
www.ChristianLifeandLiberty.net, "News" page and "RTL Act of SC" page
October 5, 2010

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