Saturday, October 02, 2010

Tennessee Abortionist points gun at pro-lifers outside "abortion" center in Charleston, SC; arrested; $25,000 bond set

The Charleston Women's Medical Center [sic] has been South Carolina's largest child-murder-by-"abortion" center of the three remaining in the state, killing a reported 2,550 children in 2008 alone (Source: SC DHEC). From 1988-2008, the CWMC "abortion" center has killed a reported 54,921 human beings (approx. 2,100 - 3,000 per year). The CWMC has "an affiliation with the [ CCL: SC-Republican-majority-Legislature-funded ] Medical University of South Carolina".

On Saturday, October 2, as Tennessee abortionist Dr. [sic] Gary Boyle drove into a parking lot near the CWMC "abortion" center, he pointed a gun at three pro-life men, one Christian and two Roman Catholics. The Christian man states he was offering literature, and contrary to news reports, did not move toward the abortionist's vehicle. The parking lot is behind the "abortion" center, directly off Ashley River Road (Rte 61), a few miles from downtown Charleston, SC ("The (so-called) Holy [sic] City").

Click here to read and download the complete report including links.

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