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Romney (27.6%) and Huckabee (27.1%) - lead "Values Voters" Conference Straw Poll

With nearly 6,000 votes cast, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee virtually tied at 27%,Ron Paul at 15.0%, Fred Thompson at 9.8%, Sam Brownback (out of race) at 5.1%,Duncan Hunter at 2.4%, Tom Tancredo at 2.3%, Rudy Giuliani at 1.8%, and last among GOP candidates, John McCain at 1.4%.

Presidential Straw Poll at ecumenical "Values Voters" Conference ("The Washington Briefing 2007") held October 19-21, 2007 in Washington D.C. (, hosted by FRC Action (Legislative Action Arm of Family Research Council), and co-sponsored by Focus on the Family Action (James Dobson), the American Family Association (Don Wildmon), and three other organizations.


Below is the October 20, 2007 Press Release from FRC Action after polling was completed Saturday:

Romney Narrowly Edges Huckabee in Values Voter Straw Poll
October, 20 2007

Washington Briefing 2007 draws thousands of values voters to the nation's capital

Washington, D.C. - Nearly six thousand votes - 5,775 - were cast in the first-ever Values Voters Straw Poll at FRC Action's 2nd Annual Washington Briefing. FRC Action members had the choice of voting on-line, by mail, or at electronic voting stations during this weekend's event. All presidential candidates from both parties were listed on the ballot. The following are the straw poll results:

Candidate Name - Total Votes - Percentage
1. Mitt Romney - 1,595 - 27.62 %
2. Mike Huckabee - 1,565 - 27.10 %
3. Ron Paul - 865 - 14.98 %
4. Fred Thompson - 564 - 9.77 %
5. Sam Brownback - 297 - 5.14 %
6. Duncan Hunter - 140 - 2.42 %
7. Tom Tancredo - 133 - 2.30 %
8. Rudy Giuliani - 107 - 1.85 %
9. John McCain - 81 - 1.40 %

* The full results can be accessed at

The straw poll voting process is constructed so that each member of FRC Action will only be able to vote one time regardless of how the voting occurs (i.e. US mail, email alert or at the event). Every member of FRC Action has a unique identifier which must be used in order to vote electronically.

For more information on The Washington Briefing 2007: Values Voter Summit, log onto



Note: 329 votes were also cast as "Undecided" (5.7%). See the full results at:

The poll question asked at states:

"Which of the following candidates for President would you most likely to [sic] vote for ?"


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[emphasis added]
"Announcing the results, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said the top four issues picked by voters were 1) abortion; 2) marriage; 3) tax cuts; and 4) permanent tax relief for families."

The Straw Poll...The Morning After
October 21, 2007

USA Today
News Politics
Romney, Huckabee top RFC straw poll
[Note: error in USA Today article title, should be "FRC"]
October 21, 2007
"In the straw poll Romney came in first with 1,595 votes, followed closely by Huckabee with 1,565. Significantly, however, Huckabee won more than half of the 953 voters who voted at the conference; Romney received 99 votes among conference attendees."


Consider the Statement of Purpose of the National Reform Association (organized in 1864):

The mission of the National Reform Association is to maintain and promote in our national life the Christian principles of civil government, which include, but are not limited to, the following: [emphasis added]

* Jesus Christ is Lord in all aspects of life, including civil government. Jesus Christ is, therefore, the Ruler of Nations, and should be explicitly confessed as such in any constitutional documents.

* The civil ruler is to be a servant of God, he derives his authority from God and he is duty-bound to govern according to the expressed will of God.

* The civil government of our nation, its laws, institutions, and practices must therefore be conformed to the principles of Biblical law as revealed in the Old and New Testaments.

The National Reform Association asserts:

"We believe that the Bible requires (see the Basic Principles of Christian Civil Government for an outline of the argument) any nation, including these United States, to confess the King of kings as its Lord. I smell a rat is another web site devoted to demonstrating how far we are from having done so.

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October 21, 2007

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