Monday, November 01, 2004

SC Republican Congressman Joe Wilson Funds Abortion, Abortionists

again and again and again....


CONGRESS (US House District 2)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 1, 2004

For further information, contact:
(803) 765-0916
Steve Lefemine for US2 Congress
P.O. Box 50358, Columbia, SC 29250

Republican Congressman Joe Wilson
Repeatedly Votes to Fund Abortion, Abortionists

Since incumbent Congressman Joe Wilson has been in Congress,
he has repeatedly voted for Health and Human Services Appropriations
bills which:

1) Fund Selected Surgical Abortions
2) Fund Chemical Abortions
3) Fund Birth Control for Unmarried Adolescents, Even
If Their Parents Object to the Government Giving Their
Minor Children Drugs and Devices with which to Commit
Fornication (which is a crime in the S.C. Code of Laws)
4) Fund Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest chain of
of child-murder-by-abortion centers, murdering over
200,000 unborn human beings by surgical abortion alone
each year, with OVER $100 MILLION

Congressman Wilson voted for:

HR 3061, the FY 2002 HHS funding bill on Dec. 19,2001;
HR 2673, the FY 2004 HHS funding bill on Dec. 8, 2003; and
HR 5006, the FY 2005 HHS funding bill, on Sept. 9, 2004.

All three of these evil, immoral and unconstitutional appropriations bills contain the following surgical and chemical abortion funding, and funding of abortionists Planned Parenthood:

1. Congressman Wilson (R) is funding selected surgical abortions via Medicaid

2. Congresman Wilson is funding chemical abortions via both Medicaid and via the Title X birth/population control and Planned Parenthood funding program

3. Congressman Wilson is funding Planned Parenthood, the largest perpetrators of child-murder-by-abortion in the United States (Planned Parenthood reports murdering over 200,000 unborn children annually by surgical abortion alone),through both Medicaid and Title X, with OVER $50 MILLION per year through each program, for a total of OVER $100 MILLION per year, just through these two Planned Parenthood funding mechanisms


Pro-lifers in the Second Congressional District don't have to vote for
Joe Wilson, who is repeatedly voting to spend MILLIONS of FEDERAL taxpayers dollars on FUNDING surgical abortions, chemical abortions, and abortionists Planned Parenthood.

Constitution Party candidate Steve Lefemine has committed to co-sponsor HR 579, the Right to Life Act, if he is elected ( HR 579 recognizes the God-given, unalienable legal personhood of all human beings at fertilization, thereby ending 'legalized' abortion.

Incumbent Congressman Joe Wilson is not a co-sponsor of HR 579.

Constitution Party candidate Steve Lefemine is committed to never voting for HHS appropriations bills which fund surgical abortions, chemical abortions, or abortionists Planned Parenthood, like incumbent Congressman Joe Wilson has done repeatedly, from his very first day in office !

Joe Wilson is NOT Pro-Life. Joe Wilson is NOT Anti-Abortion.

Steve Lefemine IS Pro-Life. Steve Lefemine IS Anti-Abortion.

If you value the God-given sanctity of all human life, whose protection is the first duty of civil government, then please do not waste your vote re-electing a man who repeatedly demonstrates by his votes in Congress, that he will not stand up for righteousness and take a principled stand on defending the sanctity of all human life - don't waste your pro-life vote on incumbent Joe Wilson.

Instead, I ask for your vote on November 2. Please vote for Steve Lefemine, Constitution Party candidate for the Second Congressional District.

This year it is the Constitution Party's turn to be at the top of the list of candidates on the South Carolina ballot. Look for Steve Lefemine, Constitution Party candidate for United States Congress, District # 2.

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On November 2, 2004: Send a message to the Establishment.
Vote your conscience. Don't settle for any so-called "lesser of evils".

Vote Constitution Party !

Michael Peroutka, candidate for US President
Chuck Baldwin (pastor), candidate for US Vice President

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