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Statement before Columbia (SC) City Council, Sept. 17, 2008, by Steve Lefemine

Call to Repent, and to Renounce Endorsing and Funding Sodomite SC "Pride" 2008 Event

Statement before Columbia (SC) City Council, Sept. 17, 2008, by Steve Lefemine
Call to Repent, and to Renounce Endorsing and Funding Sodomite SC "Pride" 2008 Event
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Columbia City Council, in City Hall Council Chambers, Columbia, South Carolina, September 17, 2008
(L to R) Kirkman Finlay III, Tameika Isaac Devine, E.W. Cromartie III, Robert Coble (Mayor), Sam Davis,Daniel J. Rickenmann, Dr. Belinda Gergel [ seated at small table with laptop, to left of speaker's podium - City Clerk, and City Manager (Charles Austin) ]


Introductory remarks to Columbia City Council before beginning at para. 1. of prepared written statement below.
(9/17/08, shortly after 1:30 PM, City Hall Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, 1737 Main St., Columbia, SC)

Steve Lefemine:

"The subject I plan to address has a spiritual connection to the crime, safety, and security problem here in Columbia. My name is Steve Lefemine, director of Columbia Christians for Life."

"I am here to address the City Council's Letter of Endorsement for the sodomites' so-called "SC Pride" event and grant of $10,000 in Hospitality Tax revenue to that event, much of which is to pay for a Drag Queen "entertainer," so-called."

"I call on the Columbia Mayor and City Council members to repent of, and renounce, both of these evil actions."

At this point Lefemine began reading from para. 1 of the prepared written statement below, and was able to read paragraphs 1., 2., and 4. before the tightly controlled three-minute clock expired (the time-expired buzzer can be heard on the audio). Lefemine was only able to read part of the first sentence of para. 3: "The practice of Sodomy by a people, and especially the endorsement and financial support by civil government officials, is a threat to that people's security, safety, morality, health, welfare and prosperity,..." (at this point Lefemine skipped to para. 4 as time expired and the buzzer sounded).

Copies of the written statement below were given to Columbia Mayor Bob Coble, all six City Council members, City Manager Charles Austin, Chief of Police Tandy Carter, and Homeland Security Director Harold Reaves. ( )

In addition, all 10 of these individuals were given a copy of the brochure, "Homosexuality: THE TRUTH," pubished by Pilgrims Covenant Church, PO Box 314, Monroe, WI 53566, (608) 328-4841,

(Most of these individuals were also given several items of graphic pro-life / anti-abortion literature, and a Gospel of salvation tract)
[all except the Homeland Security Director]


Columbia Christians for Life
P.O. Box 50358, Columbia, S.C. 29250 * (803) 765-0916 *
“… I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18

September 17, 2008

TO: Columbia Mayor and City Council
Robert Coble , Mayor
- P.O. Box 147, Columbia, SC 29217; 545-3075; Term 2010; e-mail at
E.W. Cromartie III - 1607 Harden Street, Columbia, SC 29204; 254-7243; Term 2012; email at
Sam Davis - 950 Rosedale Arch, Columbia, SC 29203; 754-0525; Term 2010; email at
Tameika Isaac Devine - 722 King Street, Columbia, SC 29205; 254-8868; Term 2010; e-mail at
Daniel J. Rickenmann - PO Box 50734, Columbia, SC.29250; 799-9477; Term 2012; e-mail at
Kirkman Finlay III - 1601 Shop Road, Suite A, Columbia, SC, 29201; 748-1090; Term 2010; email at
Dr. Belinda Gergel 545-4055; Term 2012; email at

FR: Steve Lefemine, director, Columbia Christians for Life

SUBJECT: Call for Mayor Bob Coble and Columbia City Council to Repent, and to Renounce their Endorsement and Funding of Sodomite SC Pride 2008 Events; as per the Letter from Mayor Bob Coble and All Six Columbia City Council members, in the "South Carolina Pride ! 2008 Guide,” p. 6; and, the $10,000 Hospitality Tax grant to SC Pride, much of which is to pay for a Drag Queen “entertainer”

1. Mr. Robert Coble as Mayor, and All Six Columbia City Council members have “On behalf of the City of Columbia” stated “we are delighted to welcome you [sodomites] to a week long celebration in honor of South Carolina Pride.” Let me first assure you that you do NOT speak for multitudes of Bible-believing Christians who live, work, and pay taxes in Columbia, when you welcome those who engage in ACTS of SODOMY. This is not an issue of civil rights such as those rightly fought for and achieved by black people. The issue with Sodomites is their ACTIONS. The ACT of committing SODOMY is a sinful, immoral, unhealthy, and criminal action, just as are ACTS of FORNICATION and ADULTERY. We don’t create a protected class of immoral people who engage in fornication and adultery, so why are you celebrating and funding with $10,000 in Hospitality Tax dollars the immorality of people who commit sodomy ?

2. The Mayor and City Council’s letter speaks of Sodomite’s civil rights. There is no civil right to commit ACTS of Sodomy. Sodomy is a CRIME: Against the Laws of God, Against the Laws of Nature, and Against the Laws of South Carolina. Leviticus 18:22 says, "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." The design of the human body by the Creator makes it clear that male-on-male anal intercourse is UNNATURAL, as Romans 1:26, 27 also addresses. And finally, the SC Code of Laws, Section 16-15-120, entitled "Buggery" states, "Whoever shall commit the abominable crime of buggery, whether with mankind or with beast, shall, on conviction, be guilty of felony…" ACTS of SODOMY are SINFUL, UNNATURAL, AND CRIMINAL.

3. The practice of Sodomy by a people, and especially the endorsement and financial support by civil government officials, is a threat to that people's security, safety, morality, health, welfare and prosperity, because in the Judgment of God, Who Alone is the Supreme Judge, Sodomy is an abomination. The City of Columbia has an ongoing crime problem. There are too many places in Columbia where people are not secure, are not safe, and where immoral and illegal activity continues. Thank God for the Columbia Police Deptartment, they have an increasingly dangerous job amongst a community where even the Mayor and City Council publicly endorses and financially supports immoral behavior. The Bible says, "except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain." Psalm 127:1. Ultimately it is God who provides the security for a city, and He provides it for a moral people who obey His commandments (Leviticus 26:6). But in Columbia we have a Mayor and City Council committing evil, who not only welcome sodomites to parade in our streets, but this year have even given them $10,000 of Hospitality Tax money, much of which will go to pay Drag Queen "entertainer" RuPaul. And we expect God to protect such a wicked city ? The endorsement of the Sodomites by the Columbia Mayor and City Council is a threat to our City’s Security because it invites the Judgment of God upon us as well as them, because the Mayor and City Council members are leaders in civil government; just as the sin of King David resulted in the death of 70,000 men from the “pestilence” which God sent upon Israel, as recorded in 2 Samuel 24.

4. In the Name of the Saviour, I call on the Mayor and All Six City Council members to Repent, and to Renounce their Endorsement and Funding of SC “Pride” 2008.

cc: Mr. Charles Austin, Columbia City Manager, P.O. Box 147, Columbia , SC 29217 (City Hall Ph. 803-545-3000)
Chief Tandy Carter, Columbia Police Department FAX TO: 255-8117
Repeating their wickedness of 2007, pro-sodomite Mayor Bob Coble and the Columbia City Council have, as recently reported below, again welcomed, endorsed, funded the SC Sodomite "Pride" [Shame !] Event for 2008:

Sodomites to parade in downtown Columbia, SC Saturday, Sept. 20, 2008
Once again, Columbia Mayor Bob Coble and Columbia City Council have issued a Welcome Letter to the sodomites: "to welcome you [sodomites] to a week long celebration in honor of South Carolina Pride" - signed by Mayor Bob Coble and all six Columbia City Council members: E.W. Cromartie II, Sam Davis, Tameika Isaac-Devine, Daniel Rickenmann, Kirkman Finlay III, and Belinda Gergel."He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD." Proverb 17:15

$10,000 Taxpayer Dollars given to SC Sodomite "Pride" 2008 Event by Columbia (SC) City Council
Anti-Christian, Socialist Columbia Mayor and City Council gave $10,000 of public "Hospitality Tax" funds to Sodomites -the SC Pride Movement plans to use much of this money to pay Drag Queen performer/entertainer "RuPaul" - Mayor Coble and Columbia City Council are spending taxpayer dollars that will be used to help fund a Drag Queen performance !!! Mayor Coble and City Council should be IMPEACHED !!! What an immoral use and waste of public funds !!!

Christians who wish to stand up for Biblical morality are encouraged to:

1) Contact pro-sodomite Mayor Bob Coble and the six pro-sodomite Columbia City Council members to express your views concerning their offensive actions which harm, and put at further risk, the security, safety, morality, health, welfare, and prosperity of Columbia, inviting God's divine judgment both upon themselves and the city (remember God's destruction of the city of Sodom ? - Genesis 19)

"South Carolina Pride ! - 2008 Guide"
(see pro-sodomite Mayor Bob Coble's and Columbia City Council's Letter on page 6)
(see pro-sodomite Charleston Mayor Joe Riley's Welcome Letter on Page 7)

Mayor and Council Member Contact Information

2) Write a letter to the editor exposing the immoral and damaging actions of Mayor Bob Coble and Columbia City Council.

3) Come out Saturday, Sept. 20, 2008 beginning at 11 AM, not later than 12 noon, and take your stand anywhere along the sodomite's parade route on the public sidewalk as a witness for your Lord and Saviour, and against the abominable, sinful, and criminal acts of sodomy which the sodomites and their allies (such as Mayor Bob Coble, Columbia City Council, and Charleston Mayor Joe Riley) claim the sodomites have a civil right to commit, in spite of the prohibition of such evil deeds by God's Law, the Laws of Nature, and the Laws of South Carolina. Bring Bibles, signs, banners, Gospel tracts, literature on what the Bible says about committing acts of sodomy. Pray for repentance and salvation and deliverance for the sodomites and lesbians, and those who affirm and enable them in their self-destructive sin and rebellion against God.

Sodomite parade route - beginning at Laurel St. and Assembly St. on the north side of Finlay Park assembly - 11 AM, parade begins 12 noon
route goes from Laurel St., to Main St., to Gervais St., to Gadsden St., back to Finlay Park


Related reports, including last year's (2007) wicked pro-sodomite actions by Columbia Mayor Bob Coble and Columbia City Council,in connection with 2007 SC "Pride" [Shame] event:

(See, click on "Events" page)

Pro-Sodomite Columbia (SC) City Councilman welcomes SC "Pride" Rally Pro-Abort, Pro-Sodomite Columbia (SC) Mayor Bob Coble a "No Show"

--- Christian witness of 20 or more, from half a dozen churches, including pastors, missionaries, men, women, and boys; opposing the sinful acts of Sodomy along the Sodomites' parade route; from Laurel Street along Finlay Park, to North Main Street, and past the SC State House in downtown Columbia, South Carolina, and back to Finlay Park for the SC "Pride" Rally.

--- With street preaching, signs/banners, literature, and one-on-one exchanges, Christians publicly witnessed to the Truth of God's Word in the Bible, that Sodomy is Sin, and that only our Lord and Saviour, the Messiah, can bring Salvation and true Freedom.

Columbia (SC) Mayor and City Council called on to Repent and Renounce Pro-Sodomite Endorsement

Statement delivered before Mayor Bob Coble and Columbia City Council on Wednesday, September 19, 2007 in Columbia City Council Chambers, Third Floor, City Hall, 1737 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201

"Protest causes campus chaos" at University of Sodomy at Carolina (USC), Columbia, SC

Students at Sodomy and Fornication-infested, taxpayer-subsidized, South Carolina state government-controlled, university in Columbia, SC react to strong Biblical preaching on sin and hell. Full front page article and photo at:

http ://

Mayor Bob Coble and Columbia City Council welcome 2007 "SC Pride" Sodomite Parade

Mayor Bob Coble also scheduled on Saturday, September 22 to speak during the 1 PM Rally in Columbia's Finlay Park from the Events Stage

Columbia, SC Mayor Bob Coble 2007 "SC Pride" Sodomite Parade Letter

Mayor Coble officially welcomes Sodomite Parade to City of Columbia, SC in Letter of Support on behalf of the Mayor and the Columbia City Council:


No King but King Jesus! (Yeshua Messiah)
Declarations and Evidences of Christian Faith in America’s Colonial Charters, State Constitutions, and other Historical Documents during over 375 Years of American History: 1606 to 1982

"... I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18
Yeshua Messiah

Hallelu-Yah !

Steve Lefemine, pro-life missionary
dir., Columbia Christians for Life
PO Box 50358
Columbia, SC
(803) 765-0916
September 17, 2008

Prepared written statement provided to Columbia Mayor, Columbia City Council members, City Manager, Chief of Police, and Homeland Security Director:

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